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The past couple weeks I have been doing this blogging challenge, I have done all 8 weeks of this challenge and I have fun working on all of the posts. Throughout all the posts I got some really nice comments from people all around the world most of the comments were from Canada or America but I got a couple comments from cool places like Scotland. Seeing the other students blogs was really cool to, they were all amazing and it is so interesting to see all the different ways of blogging. I blogged every week and did all of the challenges it was hard to keep up with all the blogs and finish my homework but I managed and it was fun writing about so many different topics my favourite would probably be writing about the different holidays it was the blogging challenge right before this one I had to write about a couple different holidays that my family and I celebrate. This was my favourite challenge because I love holidays and celebrations, all the decorating and colours are so fun and I love spending time with family and friends all day. 

Will I stop ?

No I am not going to stop blogging but I will not do weekly blogs like I did the past 2 months, this will be my last blogging challenge post until next year but it is not my final post until next year. I am not very good at coming up with ideas to blog about so maybe if you have a suggestion you could comment it so I have something to blog about other than my school work. Something I will always blog about during the school year is reflecting on my projects so my blog would be pretty boring without more interesting topics. I am excited to hear your ideas for me to blog about. 

Thank you for reading 

Happy blogging💛

3 thoughts on “The Last Challenge

  1. Hannah says:


    I love your post! you have so many great detas! To be honest, Iḿ surprised that I managed, as well! An idea for the blogging challenge would be coming up with a story and writing about it. I hope I see your blog next year as well! If you would like to visit my blog, here is the link!
    Best wishes

  2. Ms. H. says:


    Thanks for participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. I enjoyed looking through your blog posts. After reading your reflection, it seems as though the time you invested was worth it. Isn’t it great to hear from other bloggers from around the world? Don’t let the end of the challenge stop you from reaching out to other bloggers Here is the link to all of the blogging participants:
    Brighten someone’s day by leaving them a comment and asking them to check out your blog.

    Here are some ideas for future posts:
    1. Share your art work: you are very talented, so share it with the world, via your blog.
    2. You mentioned that you are on the school volleyball and basketball teams. You could write a short blurb after each game along with the scores. Later on it might be fun to look back at the things that happened during the season.
    3. Write a movie or book review.

    Once again, congratulations on completing the 8 weeks of the student blogging challenge. I hope that there will be many more blog posts in your future!

    Happy blogging!
    Ms. H.
    STUBC Commenter
    New Jersey, USA

    • ryanun says:

      Thank you for all of those ideas I think I will do them when I have time. I am glad you liked my posts and reading my reflection thank you very much.
      Happy blogging

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