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For the past month my class and I have been working on a project for an exhibition on December 19th. The project was making a right angle triangle with lasers but the theme of the exhibition was Star Wars so the project had to include some Star Wars traits, we had to make a Star Wars ship with a right angle triangle somewhere in the ship. 

My group with Amy and Cam you can go see their blogs, we decided to make a tie fighter it was very difficult to keep it standing but eventually we did get it to work.

During this project we had core competencies i will talk about them in this blog post

Communicating and representing 

This competency shows the mathematical product of the project. I showed this competency pretty well my group and I made the right angle triangle with lasers, 2 mirrors, using the Pythagorean theorem and 2 side lengths of the laser maze we created an almost perfect right angle triangle. 

Applying and innovating 

This competency is about how much work was put in and the laser triangle being set up and well done for the exhibition night. I believe I did all the work that I needed to do to get the ship ready to go and have it look good for the exhibition and. The other members of my group did enough work as well and I believe that we did as best as we could in finishing our project

Questioning and predicting

This final competency that I am being assessed on is about using all the time I had efficiently. I feel I used my time efficiently but sometimes during the class time we had I got bored and distracted so I went off to do my own thing instead of using the time I had but over all I believe I got things done well and on time. 

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