Winter Exhibition

In November I started a project for an exhibition that the program I’m in (PLP) does every year, the theme of the exhibition is Star Wars inspired and we had tp come up with a way to make something we are interested in to include a Star Wars theme. This project was really fun for me because I got to do something I love doing for a project and also I like Star Wars I have watched every movie including the one that just came out The Rise Of Skywalker, I watched that with my class after the exhibition. Here are some pictures of me at the exhibition and my scimatics project

The Driving Question

For every project we do in PLP we have a driving question the driving question is something we have to answer throughout the project it’s the question that drives us to finish the project. Our driving question for this project was How might I design and build an answer to my own inquiry? This question doesn’t tell us what we will be creating but it does tell us that we will be making our own question to answer. We went a couple steps to get a question of our own and an answer to that question next I will tell you about those steps. 


We went through 7 milestones in this project I will tell you about them in short explanations, the milestones are all part of the LAUNCH cycle a way of going through different steps in a project to get the best possible outcome

Milestone 1

The L phase this phase was the look, listen, and learn part of the LAUNCH cycle, for this we had to brainstorm ideas and narrow down our ideas for a question. We filled out a how might we form (HMW), this form helped us find a question to answer here is a picture of my HMW form

Milestone 2

This milestone was the A phase, the phase where we asked tons of questions. This phase was all about finding answer to questions that we needed to know to answer our own question. I filled out a graph for the things I need to know, how to get the answer, and what I already know here is my graph. 

Milestone 3

For the U phase we had to understand. We did research to understand our question and understand how to find an answer

Milestone 4

This next phase is the N phase when we navigate ideas. We generate potential ideas, develop plans on how to carry out the ideas and narrowing it down to one idea. We crated a video on the process of narrowing down our ideas and finding inspiration. Here is a video of my decision making process if you would like to watch it

Milestone 5

Milestone 5 was the c phase this is the create phase I don’t create the final product but I do make a prototype. My project is hard to create a prototype because it is food but I practiced how to make the food and I used different methods to make the food look and taste better. Here are some pictures of my prototypes. 

Milestone 6

The last letter in the launch cycle but not the last phase in the H phase is when we highlight and Fix the prototype the C phase was to create but what if the things you create fail? You need to find the problem and fix it. I had many problems but I figured out ways to fix them and made my final product look amazing and taste even better.

Milestone 7

This is the last phase of the LAUNCH cycle this is the launch phase when you present the final product to the world! All through this process I have been recording the steps in a journal on my IPad we call it a LAUNCH journal and I will put it at the bottom of this post. 


Thank you for reading my post I hope you enjoyed it 💛

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