What is My Goal For Learning?

So far this year I have done a lot of work but I do need to work on some things. Some things I need to work on is getting less distracted in class, less procrastination, and think more positively about my work. These are all goals I would like to work on but the main thing I would like to work on is my procrastination I can do many things to meet this goal, I can set schedules for when I will work and when I will take breaks, also use it another goal (thinking more positively about my work) i will try to look forward to my work and think of the positive things that will come out of the thing I am doing. 


In humanities I kept consistent work habits but they are not all good, for example I have finished all of my work but it is not the best work I can do and some of the smaller assignments I do not put all of my effort into it, and I could. Here are some of the assignments that stood out in both good and not so good ways. There is one more project that I am proud of it is not a big part of the project but it was my launch journal for the winter exhibition I thought I did well and I was creative with it, this video is in my winter exhibition blog post. And second it was the first thing I did for humanities it was a dissection on a commercial called  welcome home and I explain it in another blog post called The Media Is The Message is the message 


Scimatics is a subject that I am not very passionate about but some of the projects we do are fun and I really like working on them. For example working on the Mazer Tag project was interesting because we got to build a space ship from Star Wars and use lasers  to make a right angle triangle. but I feel I could use my class time better and try to get less distracted. And scimatics is a subject that I procrastinate in more than other classes so when I get a worksheet to finish I leave it to the last moment but I can fix this by using all the free time I have to finish my homework and then do fun activities. 


maker is a subject that I really enjoy but there are some times that I decide to not do my work as well as I can no matter what there will be times that I just don’t want to do work but I can reduce the amount that happens. There was one project that I really enjoyed that I would like to talk about, the project was called the power of a pencil this project was about using and Apple Pencil for art and note taking. All of the art I did in that project is n that blog post.


So far there has only been 1 assignment for PGP it was a blog post about a trip to Oregon went to with my class. The blog post had to reflect on our learning on the trip and how all the places we went to influenced our learning. 

All the projects I have done I think I have done well,  the work I have is good but it doesn’t stand out. All of my work isn’t gonna stand out but I would like to get some of my work to be a nice project that people to remember. During all the projects I have done I have done really well on some of the competencies and not so well on others because when I am doing the project I want to focus on the end product instead of the process and the small details that make it better but overall I have done well with the style of learning in PLP and worked well with the people in PLP. 

My Question is how do you think I can find a routine that works for me and stick to it?

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