Chemistry Coding 🧪

I have been working on a project in scimatics for the past month, the project was called chemistry coding. What I had to accomplish in the end was a game that showed the KMT (the kinetic molecular theory) in action, we had to code it ourselves and make it an interesting game. To make and code our game we used a website called scratch it doesn’t have professional coding built into it but it was ok to use for a small game with little coding needed. The first step we had to do was learn about  KMT and atoms so we read a couple text book pages about the things we needed to know and did a couple worksheets then we started planning. 

Here is a mind map of what I knew at the beginning (not much)

My project was a game where you are a molecule and you have to find other molecules to make a state of matter big enough for a human to see. You can either be a molecule of beryllium (BE) and make your self identifiable to people, you can be a molecule of Nitrogen (N) and find other nitrogen molecules too make yourself a gas and lastly you can be a molecule of sodium (NA) or chlorine (CI) and find other sodium and chlorine molecules to make some Sodium Chloride (NACI). There will be different levels to this game. If you get big enough to be seen by the naked eye you go up a level and you keep trying to get bigger each level, but there is an obstacle first there are other molecules that are not the ones you want to connect to and if you do the you explode and have to restart the level that you were on and one more obstacle you have to avoid Is people and animals if they grab you or step on you by accident you have to restart the levels. Each time you go up a level the obstacles get harder to avoid. 

The scene in the first level will look like  space because you cannot see any solid matter yet then a couple levels will look like a science lab and the last scene will be outside in nature. Here is a picture of the cover to my game

We were getting marked on three curricular competencies Questioning and predicting, Scientific communication, and finally Reasoning and analyzing i will write a short paragraph on how I improved or need to improve on these skills

Questioning and Predicting 

This is about showing curiosity about a topic or problem. I believe I did well on this but there is always room for improvement, I showed this because I was interested in coding I haven’t had much experience with coding only a couple games I have done in elementary school (so like I said pretty much no experience.) The topic is really interesting and a good skill to have I was very excited going into this project so I had this motivation to do well and find all the answers to my questions. 

Scientific Communication

Scientific Communication Is about. Communicating ideas, findings, and solutions to problems. I used this skill not as much as the other skills but I did use it. I used it by talking to others to help them with problems and them helping me with my own problems. For example I needed to fine a way to switch backgrounds during the game and so did another friend of mine to we both brainstormed ideas and eventually came to a conclusion. This was a. Very useful skill and I think if I used it a little more I could make my project even better. 

Reasoning and Analyzing 

This is the last competency and it is all about using logic and patterns to solve problems. This is a competencies that doesn’t really fit with my personality but it is very important for this particular project because it is very important to use patterns and logic for coding or anything that has to do with mathematics and science. To use this I used patterns in coding to make the game work as smooth as possible and look nice. I looked for certain things that could help my game and what people would like to see in it. I also had to think of all the ways I could incorporate the kinetic molecular theory to my game and make it interesting so others would want to play my game. 

I hope that was a good explanation of my project. I also hope that you enjoyed reading about the process of how I went through the different steps. 

Thanks for reading🧡

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