Middle Ages

For the past couple of months I have been working on a project about the Middle Ages and all of their customs. Through the entire project we read a book called the book of the lion it is a very interesting but very confusing book, if you are interested in the Middle Ages or the crusades I would recommend this to you. During class we did little simulations of the Middle Ages and we all had different roles that you may have in the Middle Ages (surf, peasant, knight, lord, king) I was a knight so not very important, we had to write a letter through the eyes of the character. My letter was very interesting it was to my parents who had sent me off to serve as a knight and I talked about my siblings I had a lot of fun writing this because I love making up stories and writing about different lives. The final project was a presentation about 2 examples of continuity and change. The first step was to research about 2 topics with a partner my partner was Randy, we did a lot of research on 5 topics and chose 2 that we liked the best for our final presentation, the 2 that we picked were clothing as change and food as continuity. What we had to present about is how the topic has changed or continued in time. We had to use keynote make a good looking presentation and a good script that was 4 minutes long. I believe I did well on this project although it took some practice to make the presentation 4 minutes I originally started to ramble on about one topic for 3.5 minutes and Randy only got to talk for 40 secs but we fixed it so it was exactly 4 minutes. 

There were some competencies I had to use during this project Continuity and Change, Comprehend. 


This competency is about what literacy skills I used to read, listen, and view texts for understanding. in this competency I didn’t really pat attention to what skills I was using while I was using them but I did use different skills to accomplish my reading goal like: highlighting names, places and important phrases, and I also made a schedule for the times I would read because we needed to read 14 chapters a week (which is a lot). 

Continuity and Change 

Continuity and change were a lot more significant in this project than the Comprehend competency. This entire project revolved about continuity and change we had to find all the things different and the same from the Middle Ages to now the culture, the hierarchy, and many more things. For the final product we researched 2 examples of continuity or change for continuity I chose livestock for change I chose clothing both of these could be used for both continuity and change but we had to only show examples of the assigned one. I had to do a lot of research to get enough info and evidence but I got a sufficient amount of information. These competencies are very important to have as a life skill being able to comprehend the need to change, what has changed or being able to comprehend what has continued over time and things that should stay the same. 

Here is a small  video of my presentation slides if you would like to watch it


one small tip if you are ever presenting I know it can be nerve racking and scary and sometimes embarrassing, but if you ever are presenting and get embarrassed remember me because while I was introducing myself I said the wrong name you cant get much worse than that so keep presenting and say the right name!

I hope you enjoyed reading through the process of my project and all the things I learned. 

Thank you for reading and have a great day🧡

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