DI Regionals

Hi everyone since January I have been practicing for a competition called Destination Imagination aka DI, DI is a competition focused on young people learning and having fun. There are 5 categories that my program (PLP) was competing in Engineering, Improv, Technical, fine arts, and Science I was in the improv group. All of the groups had a different challenge to solve we had to come up with a skit on the spot including sound affects, a villains power, a underwhelming hero power, and a conundrum. We don’t know what the conundrum, hero power, or what the villain power is until the presentation time. 

The Challenge

The skit can has to be 5 mins and no longer and we have 2 minutes of prep time we learn the conundrum and the villain power when the 2 minute prep time starts then we learn the underwhelming power sometime in the skit, You can’t have costumes, you cant use props, you can’t do anything that is a safety concern (falling, dangerous action, anything that could possibly result in an injury). 


The skit must include a sound box with a lid, a villain power that causes a conundrum and an underwhelming hero power that must be included in the play but doesn’t have to fix the conundrum, as soon as you pick up the underwhelming power you have to use or you get disqualified. The skit must include sound from the sound keeper to help the story line. 


If you would like to know what we were being marked on and what the maximum amount of points available i have a list of them below


Integration of conundrum into skit- 25

Creative portrayal of conundrum- 25

total- 50

Underwhelming power

Effective portrayal of power- 15

Creative use of power- 20

Integration of power in the skit- 15

Total- 50

Villain power

Creative use of power- 20

Effective use of power- 15

Integration of power in skit- 15

Total- 50


Creativity of the skit- 20

Clear and effective storyline – 20

total- 40


Overall teamwork- 30

total- 30

Sound effects 

Variety of sound effects- 10

Creative use of sound effects- 20 

Integration of sound effects into skit- 30

total- 60

Overall presentation- 30

Final raw score- 310

My experience 

In DI there is so much preparation you have to do since I am in improve I don’t have as much prep but I do need to practice and write all of the forms. I did have to study all the rules and make sure I understood what had to be done to get a good final score. For practice we had some grade 11’s who had gone through DI write some conundrums and powers so we could practice making improv skits in use in all of the required elements. I had a group of 4 other people Nya, Amy, Cam, and Simon we all have very different talents and that is helpful because we can use our talents to make creative skits. Here is a video of our final performance

On the final day of DI we were very nervous and had some tough competition to compete against. When the time came that we had to present we got to the room we were assigned to and waited for them to introduce my group then they call out our conundrum (school doesn’t let out for summer) and the villain power (telekinesis) it was a hard one but I think we did really well I was very proud of what we presented. When we presented we were all confident we projected our voices well we didn’t use the sound as much as I wanted but I think we followed our story line and we were all proud of what we did. Some things we could improve on are the sound and our teamwork we thought we did well in the team work but the judges didn’t see our teamwork as much as we thought we presented. In the end the judges said we got an average score we got 144/300 it doesn’t sound like much but we were proud of this score. 

Thanks for reading my post I hope you enjoyed reading my experience of DI 🧡