DI provincials

Hi everyone since January I have been working and practicing for Destination Imagination (DI), DI Is a competition for students to create and present to and audience the main purpose of DI is for students like me to learn and solve problems. There were 5 categories that the program I’m in (PLP) was competing in they were Engineering, Improv, Technical, Fine Arts, and Scientific i was competing in the Improv category. Each challenge had a problem that we had to solve and present in the most creative way possible for my challenge Improv we had to present an improv skit that was based on superhero’s and supervillain’s. We had a regional tournament on February 29th I made a post about that as well and I explain all the details in that post if you would like to check it out click here. as most of you probably know there is a virus going around Covid-19 so almost all events have been canceled but my program decided we would do DI over a zoom call. This was a huge challenge because DI was hard in the first place but now we had to practice presenting a skit in separate places. 


What we wanted to Improve

in the Regionals tournament we got feedback from the judges the feedback was to improve teamwork, sounds, and the creativity of villain and hero power so after Regionals we practiced all those and got a lot better but most of that practice wasn’t needed because we had to figure out how to use our skills from our houses. We came back to ground zero 4 days before the online provincials so we practiced 3 of those days and got a lot better at presenting and not talking over each other. Acting on a video call is very difficult especially if somebody cuts out or has bat internet connection luckily we all had good connection and all had a space to present in. 

We did not get a score because we weren’t competing against anybody 

here is what the score Is based on


Integration of conundrum into skit- 25

Creative portrayal of conundrum- 25

total- 50

Underwhelming power

Effective portrayal of power- 15

Creative use of power- 20

Integration of power in the skit- 15

Total- 50

Villain power

Creative use of power- 20

Effective use of power- 15

Integration of power in skit- 15

Total- 50


Creativity of the skit- 20

Clear and effective storyline – 20

total- 40


Overall teamwork- 30

total- 30

Sound effects 

Variety of sound effects- 10

Creative use of sound effects- 20 

Integration of sound effects into skit- 30

total- 60

Overall presentation- 30

Final raw score- 310

here is a picture of us on zoom presenting


Final presentation 

This experience was different than any other I have been through I have never done online school and it was very difficult for my group and I to figure out how to make the the skit convincing and engaging. During our practice we planned 2 people who could do the sound and we also planned things in the zoom call we could use to one advantage like having an online class in the skit unfortunately we did not get to do that in the final presentation. At 9:30am we got onto the zoom call and started the challenge we talked to the teachers about what we overcame in this challenge then they started a 2 minute timer gave us our conundrum and villain power, then my group and I started to plan, the conundrum was the picnic bracket ran away and the villain power was regeneration this was a hard one because the villain power has too cause the conundrum and regeneration is not very good at making picnic baskets run away but we came up with a plan that the picnic basket would be made of animal hide and I would regenerate the animal to be alive again then our time was up and we presented. I think we did really well and so did the teachers we did really well in the teamwork portion and we did better in the sound then at Regionals. We wont get a final score but the teachers had some positive comments. There were no actual DI judges but it was still just as nerve racking after we presented it was recalling releasing because there was no more preparation to do. 

That’s for reading my post I hope you enjoyed my experience of online DI 🧡