Comic project

Hi everyone, for the past month i have been working on a project about explorers and diseases which suits right now because of the pandemic. What we were working towards was to make a comic book that explained how cells interact with bacteria, viruses, and diseases. The same as every project I do in PLP there is a driving question but this time there was 2 because we were mixing 2 subjects the questions were What is the historical significance of you explorer? And How do cells interact?

At the start of the project for the cells portion we made a mind map of what we already know about cells so that at the end of the project we can’t at what we learned her is  a picture of the mind map

Curricular Competencies


During the pandemic it is very hard to use the skill of communicating unless you use messages. I did not use this skill as much as I could have and if I did use this skill more I believe I could have made final comic draft a lot better and made it more interesting of a story. Even though I didn’t communicate about my own project I did pay attention in all of my zoom meetings and did all of my assignments as asked. 

Establish Historical Significant 

Historical significance is part 1 of the driving questions so it is very important to use this skill throughout this project and I believe I have. This competency is mostly for the part about explorers and how they were significant my explorer was John Cabot and his significance in history was that he paved the way to exploration in Canada. 


This competency really helps with the project because you need to be able to make the comic interesting so the reader connects and enjoys reading the book. I believe I presented this skill well and my book it an interesting plot considering I wrote the comic in a week. 

Here is my comic John Cabot and The Sweating Sickness

Thank you for reading my post and my comic I hope you enjoyed it 🧡