Hi, for the past month my class and I have been working on a project about photojournalism and the art of taking photos. I have always loved taking photos but have never been very good at it but this project helped me get a little bit better. Our final goal was to create a small book of photos explaining Covid-19. Every project my class does has a driving question, the driving question is one question we are trying to answer throughout the entire project the driving question was how can we as photojournalists, tell stories of our community during this period of physical distancing.

the next thing I will talk about are the milestones that helped my end product.

Milestone 1
To practice for my final product I was asked to take pictures of everyday objects and and a couple self portraits then after we took the pictures we had to put them in an album and edit them to look better. Here are some of the pictures I took

Milestone 3
This milestone was pretty important because I had to come up with the story that we were going to tell in our photo journal. My story in the end was about the people who love going outdoors. I wanted to take pictures of playgrounds, fields, paths and empty streets.

Milestone 4
This milestone was planing the story just like milestone 3 but this time I was planning what pictures I was going to take. I had to draw something that resembles what I wanted to take pictures of and then after I drew I planned what view and what materials I needed to use to take the photos.

Milestone 5
This was the final milestone I had to take the photos, edit the photos, and finally put together the photo journal. In the theme that I was doing I had to get before and after photos which would have been hard considering I have had no pictures that I took before Covid that would have helped to I got some friend and family to help me, I created photos that looked like before the disease by using friends and family in the pictures. If you would like to see my project here is my booK


thanks for reading about my project and I hope you liked my photo 🧡