My Year of Learning

Over the past school year I have learned a ton and done a ton of projects. I could list all of my projects but that wouldn’t tell you about anything that I have learned so I will talk about all my projects that helped my skills and made me have more fun in school. I will write about each subject and the things I learned from them.

I have done a lot of projects throughout this year but there is one project I am most proud of and worked hardest on. The project is DI I didn’t have to hand many things in but I worked on it for at least an hour or two every day for 2 and a half months. Even though I worked on it a ton I always liked working on it because I got to act and have fun with my teammates. I learned a ton this year but I think the most valuable things I have learned are teamwork, and time management which are skills I have needed to work on since the beginning of the year and I am proud to say I have done well at improving my skills. Although I have improved my skills there is one thing I really need to keep improving, my communication with classmates, with teachers, and with people who can help.

In humanities I haven’t done as many projects as the other subjects but the projects were still challenging but they were longer than the other subjects. There were 2 projects that I liked the most one because I learned a ton and one because I had a ton of fun making it. The one I had the most fun was called it’s the end of the world a group of 3 people had to make a song about the transition from elementary to high school but the song had to be a parody of It’s The End of the World as we Know it although I hate singing in front of people I was really happy with the end product and I had fun with my group. The project I learned the most from was a really recent one called argh matey I had to write a small comic book about explorers and diseases in our history unfortunately I am not the most interested in historical explorers but I do like drawing and making stories and it did give me the chance to learn about ancient diseases and learn about the history of where I live.

Over the course of the school year I have done many scimatics projects some of them fun some not so fun but I still learned. Scimatics has never been my strong point but I do pretty well in it and learn quickly. All of the projects I learned something but there is one that was really fun, interesting, and I learned the most from. The project was called the ultimate road trip, I had to create the best road trip I could think of with only $10,000, plan the trip, plan the money, and make an equation with algebra. I have always liked algebra the best out of most math I have learned and that was the main thing I learned in this project. I have learned a lot in this project but I mostly learned how to plan my time well and how to focus on the project while not getting distracted.

This year started off nice and normal so I had all of my school and sports figured out but then in march the pandemic happened and schools were closed, stores shut down, and a ton of the world was put to a halt. But I think I learned more in the projects we did during online school than in normal school. I think this is because I had to overcome a problem and this caused me to work harder on everything that I did.

Thank you for reading about my school year of learning I hope you enjoyed