Ultimate Road Trip

Over this past month and a bit I have been working on a math project called the Ultimate Road Trip, this project asked me to make a road trip anywhere I wanted and only spend $10,000. Over the course of this project the goal I was reaching for was an algebra equation that I would eventually put on to a graph that showed the amount of money spent and the days gone by.

‘y’ is the total amount of money you have spent after each day.  It is a variable, you do not need to replace this variable with a number.

‘x’ is the number of days that have passed.  It is a variable, no need to replace it with a number

‘m’ is your daily expenses. Replace this symbol with your daily expenses

‘b’ is your starting costs and one time costs total. Replace this symbol with your total for starting costs and one time costs.

I had to start off with picking a vehicle to drive around in when I got to the place of my choice. Next I had to do some math practice algebra and some graphing I had to read some text book pages and write some answers to some questions. I created my budget and put it in a document I planned some activities and planned all of my living essentials for the 14 days of my hypothetical trip and it all added up to around $10,000. Here is my graph

My curricular competencies

Reasoning and Analyzing
I think I did this competency really well because for me to do well at this I had to add together all of my costs and estimate daily costs. I had a lot of fun budgeting the activities and all of my essentials, I had to organize the costs into daily costs and one time expenses this part was probably my favourite part and I worked really hard on the document here is the table of prices

Connecting and reflection
This competency is about connecting mathematical concepts to personal interests this was portrayed by planning a road trip anywhere you want for however long you want but only spending 10,000 dollars. I think I portrayed this concept well I spent close to $10,000 in a reasonable amount of days and I managed to spend most of it on fun adventures everyday. Here is a map that I made that shows my road trip

Communicating and representing
This competency is about the mathematical part of the project, the part of the project I used this competency was the part when I made the graph and the algebra equation for how long and expensive my trip would be. My equation was I put this into my graph to get the amount of days it took to get to $10,000 and how much money I spent each day. I did not spend the most time on this section of the project but to get to this equation I did have to go through all of the other assignments and I think I made this competency as good as I am capable.

Thanks for reading about my project I hope you enjoyed reading about my hypothetical trip to South Africa🧡

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