The Reign of Revolutions

How do revolutions transform society?
Revolutions transform society through political, economic, and social aspects. That is one simple answer that we went over in class but we answered the driving question through 2 weeks of learning about revolutions, creating machines and videos to represent how revolutions transform society.

Hello everyone, for the past two weeks I have been working on a project all about how revolutions transform society with a great group of my peers including Nya, Dries, and Quinn, go check out their blogs to see their views on this project as well. We learned about Crane Brinton’s theory of revolutions, Rube Goldberg machine’s , American Revolution, the French Revolution, and how to properly film and create videos that are eye catching and aesthetically pleasing I’ll tell you about all the things I learned. Now don’t get me wrong my group and I did not get all of these things perfect or even close to perfect but we did learn a lot and we can use our problems and issues to our benefit in future projects.

The American Revolution

That is a video explaining the part of the American revolution that was the war between the British and the Americans.

Now I know its hard to understand all that cause it’s pretty fast but here are some of my note’s of the American Revolution to clear it up
-1620 The British settlers arrive in colonies searching freedom + wealth
-remain loyal to the King
-Expand territories
-King George III raises taxes because he saved the colonies from the French in seven years war
-The British soldiers (red coats) come to fight
-Colonists win
-Create the United States of America
now if you watch the video then read these notes it’ll be a little easier to remember the key points

The French Revolution
For the French Revolution we learned all about the cause and consequences of it so here some of the causes and consequences in a simple sheet.

Causes of the French Rev Part 1

Causes of the French Rev Part 2

Rube Goldberg Machines
The majority of this project was building and filming Rube Goldberg machines and if you don’t know what that is here is a video that shows you what it is and how to make one

Now that you all know what that is you know that it is pretty hard to make, we had to create three of them the, first representing the theory of revolutions, the second representing the American Revolution, and last but not least the third representing the French Revolution.

1 this one did not end up working in the end but it got pretty close


2 this one did end up working and we were super happy when it did


3 this one was the best out of three and turned out really well in my opinion


Our machines were not very pretty but they did in my opinion get the point we were making across. I believe that our last one was our best which is what we were going for, to get better over time and transform our machines for the best we could make.


The final product
For the final product we had to create a video answering the question at the start of this post using video skills we learned and the videos that we had already made. The final video had to include
-the American Revolution

-The French Revolution

-Crane Brinton’s theory

– a story

And it had to be interesting to watch here is our attempt at all that

What I learned
I know that the things that my group and I created are not the most beautiful things you have probably seen and I know we could have done better but I think that what we put together was pretty good for our first attempt at Rube Goldberg machines. One of the biggest parts of this project was transformation and we got better on every machine so I think we did pretty good on that aspect of the project. I learned a lot about the French and American Revolutions, I will be honest with you, I would probably forget a lot of the details about those revolutions if we had just learned it from doing a bunch of paragraphs and worksheets but now I don’t think I will because I will remember making the machines and videos for a very long time.

Things I could improve

1  time management- we were not very efficient

2 using resources- apps on iPad, finding better scenery

3 focusing a little more on the machine- we did more filming of people not the machine

4 we should have added more information and more about the American Revolution

5 one last thing is we should have had more of a story with a beginning middle and end

Curricular competencies
There were a lot of competencies in this project but I will tell you what I did or didn’t improve on so here they are

Designing texts
Have I used writing and design processes to plan, develop, create, and refine engaging and meaningful texts considering purpose, audience, and message?
I believe that I got better with this competency over the coarse of this project because of the feedback I got on the tasks before. I think I got better at this in the paragraph parts of the competency but in the video/script part I got a little better but not noticeably better.

Creative communicator
How might I use technology to create and communicate?
I think I could have improved a lot more on this than I did because I don’t think I got much better at this over the project. I think my group and I could have made our videos more engaging and more creative, we created videos that explained what was going on but it did only that it did not get a viewers attention. I wish we would have come up with more contributions to make it more interesting in the earlier stages rather than the later.

Discussing listening and speaking
Have I respectfully exchanged diverse ideas and viewpoints to build shared understanding and extend thinking using appropriate speaking and listening skills for the context and purpose?
I think my group did super well on this we all contributed some great ideas and all got involved with the project. We didn’t have many timed where one of us wasn’t talking although sometimes we got of topic we always managed to get back on track.

Establish historical significance
How do we make choices about what is worth remembering?
I don’t believe I started off with a great understanding of this competency and I think I could still use some work on using it better but I do believe i got better over this past two week period. The first time we used this competency I did not do so well on it but over time I did start to understand it better and use it in the final products.

Analyze cause and consequence
Who or what influenced events to occur and what were the consequences of those events?
I believe I did pretty well with this competency, because I think I know what it means and how to use it. When we had to use this competency in the project I found it difficult but not as difficult as some other competencies. And even though I thought I had a pretty good grasp on this concept I did improve during this project.

Thanks for reading my blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading about my learning experience. Until next time bye🧡


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  1. sabrinag

    I really love your video, it’s simple and has a great explanation for how revolutions can transform society and what happened in the French Revolution!

    1. ryanun

      Hi Sabrinag,
      Thanks for reading my blog post it is really nice to know that you learned something from it as well.


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