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Hello people, I am here once again to tell you about a project that I just finished. This project was pretty interesting because of the current events that are happening right now. My class and I have been researching WWII and each making a podcast episode on a specific topic of choice, in the end we will create a podcast series called The Hidden Chapters Of History. To help learn more about WWII I got to choose a book to read, the book I read is All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. The novels were to help us better answer the question How might we use stories to better understand the causes and consequences of WWII?

All The Light We Cannot See was about 2 kids who grew up in the midst of WWII, both characters were on different sides of the war and it showed the POV for each of them. The character Marie-Laure was who inspired the topic I chose, people with disabilities during WWII, Marie-Laure has been blind since she was about 6 and she had to learn how to live her life in a completely new way while in a time when having any sort of trait that made you different was though of as wrong. Reading about Marie-Laure’s thoughts and experiences made me want to know more stories of people in similar situations. I really liked this book and I definitely recommend it, it’s a bit intimidating but worth it. 

Throughout the project we learned about the important events that happened during WWII. We watched videos and listened to podcasts featuring WWII here are some examples

The Bomber Mafia audiobook

Real dictators podcast

WWII in colour

Something really interesting about this project was the current event that is all over the new and has many similarities to WWII, The conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Many times during this project we discussed the news and media depicting the conflict. 

Now we didn’t just learn about WWII I also had to create something out of the information that I collected, and what I created was a podcast episode. The podcast I made was called T4: The Euthanasia Leading to the Holocaust. My podcast was a very sensitive topic and I found it really difficult to find a middle ground where it was serious but also was interesting enough for someone to listen to. I did a bunch of research on my topic and came up with a script I was fairly proud of and had to get to work on recording. I found a quiet spot in my house and tried my best to use a calm and serious voice (I think I did ok on that.) after I was happy with my recording I had to add the intro music which one of my classmates created Jordan. I made sure the music fit and added a bit of a fade in the outro so it sounded smoother and finally I submitted my final draft. 

I hope you listen to the podcast series and find our topics interesting as well. Learning about the horrible things some people had to go through in history was very hard and heartbreaking but I think it is really important to know the past so you get to have a new perspective on the present and future. Thank you for reading my post on the hidden chapters of history and please share what you learn from our podcasts if you listen to them. 

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