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For the past month my class and I have been working on a project for an exhibition on December 19th. The project was making a right angle triangle with lasers but the theme of the exhibition was Star Wars so the project had to include some Star Wars traits, we had to make a Star Wars ship with a right angle triangle somewhere in the ship. 

My group with Amy and Cam you can go see their blogs, we decided to make a tie fighter it was very difficult to keep it standing but eventually we did get it to work.

During this project we had core competencies i will talk about them in this blog post

Communicating and representing 

This competency shows the mathematical product of the project. I showed this competency pretty well my group and I made the right angle triangle with lasers, 2 mirrors, using the Pythagorean theorem and 2 side lengths of the laser maze we created an almost perfect right angle triangle. 

Applying and innovating 

This competency is about how much work was put in and the laser triangle being set up and well done for the exhibition night. I believe I did all the work that I needed to do to get the ship ready to go and have it look good for the exhibition and. The other members of my group did enough work as well and I believe that we did as best as we could in finishing our project

Questioning and predicting

This final competency that I am being assessed on is about using all the time I had efficiently. I feel I used my time efficiently but sometimes during the class time we had I got bored and distracted so I went off to do my own thing instead of using the time I had but over all I believe I got things done well and on time. 

The Last Challenge

My blogging

The past couple weeks I have been doing this blogging challenge, I have done all 8 weeks of this challenge and I have fun working on all of the posts. Throughout all the posts I got some really nice comments from people all around the world most of the comments were from Canada or America but I got a couple comments from cool places like Scotland. Seeing the other students blogs was really cool to, they were all amazing and it is so interesting to see all the different ways of blogging. I blogged every week and did all of the challenges it was hard to keep up with all the blogs and finish my homework but I managed and it was fun writing about so many different topics my favourite would probably be writing about the different holidays it was the blogging challenge right before this one I had to write about a couple different holidays that my family and I celebrate. This was my favourite challenge because I love holidays and celebrations, all the decorating and colours are so fun and I love spending time with family and friends all day. 

Will I stop ?

No I am not going to stop blogging but I will not do weekly blogs like I did the past 2 months, this will be my last blogging challenge post until next year but it is not my final post until next year. I am not very good at coming up with ideas to blog about so maybe if you have a suggestion you could comment it so I have something to blog about other than my school work. Something I will always blog about during the school year is reflecting on my projects so my blog would be pretty boring without more interesting topics. I am excited to hear your ideas for me to blog about. 

Thank you for reading 

Happy blogging💛

Family festivals

What my family celebrates

Christmas- Christmas is a very well known holiday. My family loves Christmas because it is a fun time to spend time together and give to each other. At the start of December my family and I decorate the house with lights on the roof, we put a wreath on the front door, put big ornaments on the maple tree in our front yard, and we decorate inside as well we put up a Christmas tree with lots of lights and ornaments, and we put pretty decorative ornaments hanging in the hallway from the banister upstairs. 

Date: Dec 25th

Thanksgiving- most of the time my family goes to some of my families friends we eat turkey and stuffing and a lot of other food. This is one of my favourite holidays because first of all there is ton of food and I love food😁 and I also love it because I spend a lot of time with my family. Date: second Monday of October

Halloween- this isn’t a significant holiday in my family but we still celebrate it by decorating with scary decorations 👻. My brother doesn’t trick or treat any more but I still do with my friends and I make fun costumes with my friends as well. Date: Oct 30th 

There are many other holidays that my family celebrates but I cant list them all so this will be the last one I talk about

Valentine’s Day- this is a small holiday but my family with get little cute gifts for echo their a lot of the time with chocolate when I was 7 my brother got me a stuffy in a mug with some chocolate and I still have the stuffy. Date: February 14th

my photo

This is a photo I took last Christmas right after my family had finished decorating it for 2 hours. I chose this photo because decorating the tree is a big part of our Christmas because we have so many decorations to put on the tree and we all contribute to the decorating because it would take forever to decorate with only one person. We also love decorating the tree because some of the ornaments have stories behind them and it is fun to go through them. 

My Holiday Craft

I drew this picture to represent Christmas because drawing is one of my hobbies and I always love drawing Christmas related things!

Digital drawing

For the first term of school my maker class (which is a digital learning class) we have been working on an app called sketches pro to make drawing with different techniques and tools. This project was really fun because drawing is something that I do for fun outside of school. In this post I am going to go through all of the projects that I did during this term, I will put my drawing after all of my explanations of the task we did. 

1. Word Art

We started off with some word art our task was to write our name in a text that we like with some designs in it or around it to make it stick out and look nice. 

2. Sketch Notes

After we worked on our word art we started another thing sketch noting. In class we watched a video on growth mindset during the video we took small notes on our iPads and added little symbols to make it look nicer and to help us understand the note when we looked at it later. Before we watched the video we learned about different types of connecters for connecting words we also learned how fonts can draw the eye to Moore important parts of the note. 

3. Self Portrait

This was one of my favourites but the hardest. We had to take a selfie of ourselves and trace it, I like tracing things and drawing people but I don’t really like drawing myself but I did. The final product doesn’t really look like me but it looks ok also later in the project we had to do a gallery piece (a technique that we liked doing and make a new work of art) I did the portrait for that and I am really proud of it. 

4. Still life

For this one we had to take a picture of a bowl of fruit and trace it. During this we were working on light and shadow I love doing shadows and light so this wads fun. Also before the actual drawing we had to practice shading so I will put a picture of that in here. 

5. Logo 

This was the last thing to do before the gallery piece, I made a cliff jumping business and called it Jump Freely my logo was really fun to make and I made two drafts I can’t show both because one got deleted but I have the one I like better. Seeing all of my classmates logos and made up businesses was really cool and all of them looked incredible.

6. Gallery Piece 

This was a free choice piece of art as I said earlier in my post I chose to do the portrait. Instead of drawing myself I found a person off the internet and drew them it was really fun and I love the final product.  


Hope you enjoyed my post and all my drawings🧡


What is the Christmas movie?


🏠 😱=?


guess the movies

Emoji math

🍔+🍔+🍔= 30

🍔+🥯+🥯= 20

🥯+🍟+🍟= 11

🍔+🥯+🍟= ?

Guess the final answer

Here’s my emoji art hope you like it  😁


My Emoji Story

an actor started her day off like any other with breakfast (a piece of toast) she went outside to go for a small walk she ran into a boy who started flirting with her she said no Stop  just go away then another guy she saw started talking to her and she looked at him, the minute he looked into her eyes she knew she liked him but then he cheated on her so she stoped the relationship. She started a knew life as an astronaut she went to mars with some other fellow astronauts and started a civilization on mars where she had amazing life and owned a restaurant.

That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the collection of emoji’s so I hope you liked my short story.

The Media Is The Message

For the past 2 months, my class has been doing a project called The Media Is The Message. The project is about advertising and you guessed it Media we have done many little projects all made into one big project we call all the little projects milestones and all the little things that have to do with the milestones stepping stones. My class and I have done 6 milestones and this is my 7th so when I finish this I have done 7. In this post, I will talk and write about all the milestones and maybe a couple of steppingstones that led up to a milestone.

The teachers asked a question at the beginning of the project, how does what we hear, see, and read influence us? it was our driving question throughout this project and in every milestone/stepping stone we hade to answer that question. 

During the first couple of milestones that we did my class read a book called the highest tide by Jim Lynch this book was about a boy named miles who lived by the ocean and he would go out to find intertidal marine life to sell to aquariums. One night Miles herd something outside and found a giant squid. After finding a giant squid Miles got famous and learned a lot about the media like how they don’t care about real stories or what actually happened they just want an interesting story with big topics. This was a very interesting book it help me learn about the media as well as leaning about the ocean and the creatures that are in it. 

Milestone 1

In this milestone, I had to write a paragraph about an apple ad called welcome home. This was the first thing we did related to ads and we did not know any techniques that advertisers use or any tricks to draw people in so the paragraphs we wrote were not very descriptive or interesting. Later that month we learned about advertising techniques and appeals we looked back on our work and thought about the things we could have done better but did not change anything we just remembered that for other milestones or steppingstones we would do in the future. 

Milestone 2

In class, we learned a little more about types of advertising and how it has changed over time so our next task was to answer some survey questions then ask a person older than you to answer the same questions and see what differences there are. The questions were:

  1. Do you collect any ads or advertising products? (e.g. Coca-Cola, Starbucks mugs)
  2. Do you have any clothing with a visible designer name? (e.g. Old Navy) Give examples.
  3. Do you have any clothing with a visible designer logo? (e.g. Nike) Give examples.
  4. Have you ever bought any products based solely on advertising? Which and why?
  5. Have you ever not bought products specifically based on advertising? Which and why?
  6. List the places where you think you see advertising on a daily basis

I interviewed my mom and our answers were similar I guess because I was raised to see and believe the same things she does and maybe if I had interviewed my dad or one of my grandparents it could have turned out differently. 

The last thing we did for this milestone was at the top of the page we had to write a paragraph on the historical difference in advertising. 

Milestone 3

Milestone 3 was a small milestone we had to find 2 print ads 2 commercials and 2 web ads we had to write this down in a chart. One challenge included in this task was to find things of the category like apple ads or clothing ads after we got the ads we had to record the name of the product and say hoe the advertisement shows different persuasion techniques Also one last thing we had to do was put in a link to the ad. When I finished this milestone I had 2 ads from a magazine (my print ad) 2 ads from the tv (my commercials) and lastly 2 ads from the internet (my web ads) This was a very similar task to a stepping stone that we did a little bit before. In this stepping stone, we had to watch a certain channel on tv at a certain time for 30 mins to see what type of ads would be on tv at that time on that channel. We had to find 6 commercials I chose to watch sports net from 5:30 pm until 6:00 pm. That was helping us so that when we did this we could do it better. 

Milestone 4

In milestone 4 we had to write a paragraph on how the media influences the message. When we got to this milestone my class had just finished the book The Highest tide and milestone 4 had something get us to think about what we leaned about media during the book. As well as writing how the The Media Is The Message influences the message we also had to write how the media influenced Miles, how he grew as a person, and how it changed his perspective on the media. In this detailed paragraph, we had to include examples from the book to back up the paragraph. My class and I created a good topic sentence that would start us off on track then finish our selves.

Milestone 5-6

Milestone 5-6 were merged together into one big milestone, it had two parts but the same set of instructions with a couple of exceptions. The main idea of the milestones is to make an ad for a local business and make an ad for a business in Oregon which I have a post about. The first thing my group had to do was choose 5 possible local businesses that we would like to interview and make an ad for, my group had 3 other people in it Sophia, Jakub, and Cameron and in this, we would all have to interview the business together but make separate ads. The business we chose for our final ad was The Raven Pub, after we chose our business we had to email them to set up a date for the interview one problem was that we had to have it fairly soon because we were going to leave for Oregon in two weeks, we had to make the ad after the interview, and we had to make many different drafts before we left and got prepared for Oregon. This project helped us get more comfortable with interviewing people and getting us better at designing and amazing ad. We made many drafts and finally finished the milestone 5 part and got onto preparing for the milestone 6 part of the milestone. here is a picture of the final draft of my Deep Cove ad

The second half of this project we got our businesses my group’s business was the Hatfield Marine Visitor Center. We had a couple of classes to look at the business we would be interviewing on our Oregon trip. After we looked up our business and got as much info as possible we made the first draft, the first draft was terrible it did not have the feel of the company and I did not know much about the business so it had a lot of false information. The trip was 7 days long and my group interviewed the Hatfield Marine Visitor Center close to the end of the trip, when we got home it was the weekend so my group had 2 days to make another draft with more information and knowing the business better because we spent most of the day that we were there walking around the Center and looking around at there activities that they would want us to advertise. Here is a picture of the final draft of my Oregon ad

Lastly, there is a milestone 7. You just read my milestone 7 and I really hope you enjoyed reading about this project because I had so much fun writing it, looking back on all of my projects and seeing all the work that I put into those milestones and stepping stones. 

Music 🎶

1. What is the music genre you listen to the most?

2. Is there a artist or band you like to listen to?

3. Do you like music or tv better Are you more of a dancer or a singer?

4. Is your playlist filled with many different artists or just 1 or 2 main singers?

5.  Would you rather listen to music 24/7 or never listen to music ever again?

Music is a very interesting topic there are so many types of music and so many instruments. A instrument that I find interesting is the piano it is a very old and cool sound it has a calming tune and is very beautiful. I have never played the piano but I have friends who have and I love watching them play. It is so cool to see there fingers move so smoothly across the piano keys and make music with it.

There are many artists that I listen to so it is hard to choose one that I like but for this I chose Lennon Sella because I like most of her music, some facts about her are

1. She was born in Oshawa, Ontario and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee

2. She is 1 of two daughters of the singer-songwriter duo Marylynne and Brad Stella

3. She has a sister named Maisy who has been in several commercials and stared in an ABC show with Lennon

4. Lennon and Maisy have performed together many times and have wrote and sang a song together

5. Her birthday is August 13th 1999

6. She was named after John Lennon She plays the guitar, ukulele, piano, and the drums

7. She became famous when a video she posted on YouTube singing the Robyn song “Call Your Girlfriend” with her sister.

My playlist that I listen almost every day has a ton of songs and to many to put every single song and explain why I like so I will just do my top 12 songs

1. One thing right by Marshmello & Kane Brown

2. Circles by Post Malone

3. Shotgun by George Ezra

4. Favourite Ex by Maisie Peters

5. Young Dumb & Broke by Khalid

6. Sucker by Jonas Brothers

7. Saturday Sun by Vance Joy

8. Good as Hell by Lizzo

9. Falling Like the Stars by James Arthur

10. Best Friend by Rex Orange County

11. Up and Up by Lennon & Maisy

12. I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

All of these songs are very different they all have different tempos and there are many genres. But I like listening to all of them some calm me some get my energy up and some I just love to listen to and sing to because I love singing and dancing to music. For example falling like the stars I love sing to, it calms me and helps me focus while dong work, but if I was listening to Good as Hell I would be more of a dancing song and if I was board it would be a good song to boost my energy. 

Most of the time If you are using music for an educational reason and you don’t sell it or use it for advertising reasons it is ok. Using music illegally is when you get music online without purchasing it If you are using music illegally here are some cons that you should see it can hurt a musicians career because they do not get any profit for it and that can mean they will not get any money every day millions of songs are downloaded illegally and that means the creators and publishers cant get profit from all of those people. Every 1in 5 songs are illegally downloaded. The USA and Australia are the biggest illegally downloading countries. You can get caught and go to jail for it. Those are just a couple things to think about the next time you are about to download music illegally.

1. It features 2 people

2. They are both American

3. They are both male

4. It is a popular song

5. On the cover it says the name in yellow and has a black background

My playlist


Fun In Oregon

Two weeks ago my class went on a field study to Oregon. We went for a week and did so many activities for fun and learning. On the first day we went to Astoria column then went to fort Stevens state park yurts were we stayed at for 2 nights.

Then day 2 we went to the fort Stevens Maritime Museum we got a tour and saw many cannons and underground rooms (that was really cool) and we went to highlife adventure zip lining.

Day 3 we  went to the Columbia River Maritime Museum and we learned about crossing the Columbia river into the ocean after the museum we cannon beach it was raining really hard but we still went to get a picture near haystack rock and run around in the rain and then we went to Tillamook cheese factory we saw the machines in the process of making cheese and we got to sample it then went to a gift shop.

Day 4 we went to the Hatfield Marine Science Center we looked at different types of intertidal marine life then we raced crabs to see what type of crab went faster.

On the next day, day 5 we came back to the Hatfield Marine Science Center to make an R.O.V (remotely operated vehicle) and then went to the Visitor Center where me and my advertising group interviewed the owner for a project that we have started then we went to Yaquina Head to learn about how that area was made, about the lighthouse and why lighthouses were built in the first place.

On the last day we started to drive home in the bus and we made a stop to go to Northwest Trek a wildlife park. After the northwest trek we headed back to Seycove

on this trip I learned many things like you can’t just give up if you don’t do well on your first try if you keep going there are so many things to accomplish. An example of this is in the quests that we did, My group had some of my friends like Annie, Erin, Quinn, Dries, and Julien the first quest we did we did not finish the time limit we had was 45 mins it was a terrible quest then the next quest we did we only had 30 minutes but before we started the quest the teachers told us to say something we did good on the last quest and one thing we could improve on. After my group discussed it we started the quest we came back in 45 minutes because we got distracted and we went the wrong direction but the teachers gave us 45 more minutes and this time we finished partly because we read the clues better and little bit because we knew all the short cuts and tricks to finish faster. All of that shows that we could work well in a group, listen to each other and keep going even when we already tried. 

During this trip and all the activities we did I learned to work with other and to get to know them. Some people I would have never thought to go up to them and start talking to them but doing all the group work helped me get to know them and work well with them. An example of this I’d when my class went to the Hatfield Marine Science Center we built ROVs (remotely controlled vehicles) we were put in groups to build them my group was Nathen, Dries, and Kate this was really fun we had to overcome some challenges and figure out how to make it float and in the end we made a pretty good ROV it looked good and moved well under water.

During all of the activities we did there was always a purpose and a learning experience to do with our ongoing project about media. I learned that it is always good to ask questions and engage in the conversation/topic it is always good to ask about whatever comes to your head as long as it is on topic and you ask it at the right time not 20 minutes after the conversation stoped. Also I learned that if you go on a tour or something with a guid with you class always ask the guid questions they are there for a reason and they know almost everything about the place they will be happy to answer your question. 

One more thing I want to say is never be afraid to try new things there are so many opportunities that you never knew you could do always strive for the things that you love never give up.

During this trip we learned a lot so our teacher made a book for us to fill in and tell about the day that we had so here is the book:

My tectonics book

In scimatics for the past week my class has been writing a book about tectonic plates to read to a grade 4/5 class. We were supposed to write a story that had 10 key concepts about tectonic plates and earthquakes. We read text book pages to find things to put in our book to make it interesting for kids but also have the grade 4/5’s learn something while they were reading the book. This was a really fun project because I got to learn something while making up a fun story, personally I don’t really like writing I never have but I love coming up with stories and thinking of things that could never Happen in the real word.At the start of this project I did not know much and I created a mind map of what I knew at the time and now I know a lot more about the layers of earth and tectonic pates.

In this project I think I focused on what needed to be done and the big idea of it. When I was writing in the book I focused on the storyline then I put in all of the facts about tectonic plates and what comes with them. Before I started to write the book I was supposed to write a small story board and a mind map of what would go into the book in the story board I drew what the general idea of what the drawings would look like in the book then I wrote down the story line and were all type key concepts would be in my writing. Then for the mind map the class brainstormed ideas of types of books like fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, horror etc. Then after I decided what I wanted (a fiction, fantasy, picture book) I started to write and got all the concepts I needed in the book. I am glad I did all the drafts before because normally in a project I will just go right into the final draft right away. By doin all the work before the final draft looked nice and neat with all the info and stuff I learned.

This topic is a really interesting topic but it is not something that I would choose to study or work on in my free time so that is one reason why I was not very enthusiastic about it but I do love making stories so that made the project a lot more fun and some people came up with some really interesting books and I loved reading my friends but next time I do a scimatics project I really want to engage more in the topic and try put even more work and effort into the project. And each time I do another project I think I am getting better at engaging and asking more questions about the work and if I do not understand I read more into the rubric or instruction sheet.