Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Henry Ford



Hi there, welcome to my blog. In Maker, we have been learning about growth and fixed mindsets. So what exactly is a growth mindset and what exactly is a fixed mindset? A growth mindset is when you are not afraid of failure and will continue to learn and take on new challenges. On the other hand, a fixed mindset is when you are not willing to take on new challenges and ignore constructive criticism. Obviously, there are lots of ways you can explain what a growth and fixed mindset is so here’s my way. Anyways, our class started by learning grit(Grit as in effort and perseverance not dirt)and effort. Than we watched some videos about growth and fixed mindset. Here’s my favourite.

Timo the cat had a growth mindset because he never gives up on getting used to that hammock and soon he got used to it.
Here are some other videos.
The Power Of Belief
Why You Need To Fail

After watching the video “Why You Need To Fail,” everyone in my class thought you had to fail to succeed. That is wrong. Sometimes, you don’t have to fail to succeed. It’s about when you fail, you learn from your mistakes and try to improve. When your willing to learn from those mistakes, that’s when you know you have a growth mindset.

While watching those videos, we took notes and made sketches and mind maps. We also made charts and started a project called the Long Term Goal.

Why you need to fail.

Growth and fixed mindset chart.

My long term goal is getting comfortable speaking in front of teachers and peers. We had to take a picture and write our goal on it. It took me a while because I had to do lots of revision. The app I used for my chart is called Paper 53 and the app I used for my chart is called Pages.

Here are my drafts.

Draft 1. Don’t need too much background.

Draft 2. No blue colour font.

Draft 3. Make the size of the text bigger.

Final Draft. A lot better

I really liked my final draft. I also learned a lot during maker. Make sure you have a growth mindset! Also check out the apps Snapseed and Textmania. I used it to edit my photos and add text to the photos. If you’re wondering about the quote at the very top, it my teacher’s favourite quote.