Hello again! Welcome to my blog. Have you seen the new Star Wars movie yet? It’s pretty good. Anyways, in this blog post, I’m going to be telling you about my PLP Star Wars Exhibition! The Exhibition went a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Basically what happens in the exhibition is that people walk up to your project and you explain your project to them. You can wear costumes and decorate the room with your assigned group. My group came up with the idea of making our room into Hoth (A planet in Star Wars). We had two sections, 1/3 of the room was Hoth and 2/3 was the rebel base. We all wore costumes and I was a Jedi.

Outside of rebel base.

Inside of rebel base.


Before the exhibition, you have to come up with an inquiry question and answer it based on your research. My inquiry question is “when humans finish making droids with A.I, where would they help the most?” In Star Wars, you see battle droids the most. If you pay more attention, you would see droids that help the people they’re working for. For example, the mouse droid.

Mouse Droid

The mouse droid is a tiny droid that deliver messages in a star destroyer.

First, let’s start with what A.I is. A.I (Artificial Intelligence) is intelligence shown by a machine/robot. So, how does a robot work? Every robot has a computer. All you need to do is program the robot right. Everything you type in the computer is what they do. So don’t type anything wrong. Based on my research, I found out that housekeeping was something that came up on every job websites I went on. Some droids today could do that. For example, the Roomba. The Roomba works like a vacuum cleaner so you don’t have to do it yourself, yay! The Roomba has a bump on the front. Whenever the bump touches something, the Roomba changes directions. There are sensors that stop the Roomba from going to places you don’t want the Roomba to go.

My Roomba

Onto the next one, I thought it made sense. Wouldn’t it be great if robots could work in a Police or fire station? Instead of risking people’s lives to save others, robots can help. If robots worked for the police, they should be made out of strong metal. Or they could be made out of metal foam. Moving on, I made a model of a robot that I designed. It took a long time to make. I have a time lapse showing me building the robot so if you want to see it click here.

There is more information about my topic on these pictures so if you want to look at pictures of my project, here it is. If you want a closer look at the pictures, just tap on them.


Not gonna lie, humans are really close to making robots. Hanson Robotics is a company that makes robots. Also, while I was researching, I watched a couple of videos and went to some websites. Click on the video down below to watch them!

If robots are actually made to help humans, would they actually help or destroy humans? This question is unsolved. If they are successfully made, don’t be lazy, robots can’t do all the work. One day, the world will change. Or will it change?