Hello and welcome to my blog. How are y’all doing? Great! In the past couple of weeks, my class has been learning about different religions. We were separated into different groups and each group was assigned a religion. My group includes Gabby, Fraser, and Emerson. If you want to check out their blog post about this topic, simply tap on their name. Moving on, the religion my group was assigned is Islam. We visited a mosque and took some pictures.

Outside of Mosque

Outside of Mosque

Inside of Mosque

The Qur’an


In this chart below, it includes some basic knowledge about Islam. The chart may be blurry so tap on the chart to zoom in.


After researching about Islam, our project was to make a infographic showing the worldview of Islam. First we did some research about infographics. Here are some pictures of my mindmap I made for all of my research.

Now we know what a infographic is, we started making one for our religion. My group did a few drafts before we got approved by the teacher. Here are all the drafts we made.

First, we made a sketch.


Second, we made the layout.

Draft 1

Final Copy

Our infographic includes, the five pillars of Islam, the five daily prayers, and when to pray. The background image is a image of the Kaaba. The Kaaba is located in Mecca and when Muslims pray, they always have to face the Kaaba. Now you’re probably wondering how do they tell if they’re facing Kaaba or not? There is a app, actually there is a lot of apps that shows you the direction of the Kaaba. By now, my teachers are probably yelling at me for not explaining what the Kaaba is, so I’m going to tell you what it is. The Kaaba is the building in the centre of the most sacred mosque located in Mecca. The Kaaba is also built by Abraham. Anyways, if you want a closer look at my group’s infographic, tap on the infographic.

Islam is only one of the religion we learned about. We learned different religions such as Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and so on. I have a chart that includes some basic knowledge about the religion so be sure to check that out. If the quality of the chart is not good, just tap on the chart.


Enough about the religion. Let’s talk about me. More specifically, my worldview. In the video down below, it includes three main topics. Values, Time, and Society. It’s not really a video, it’s more like a slideshow with movement(you’ll know what I mean after you watch it). Obviously, it talks about my worldview so enjoy!

Hopefully the video wasn’t too boring for you and I did try to make this post short so all of you don’t get bored. Anyways, be sure to check out my other blog posts and have a nice day!