Hello and welcome to my blog! This term, our teachers were away. They assigned us new assignments. It’s kinda exciting but at the same time, it was kinda not. They told us to write poems. Yes, poems. We had to make a book with all of our poems in it. This is mine.





Each poem relates to my worldview. Our topic was to write poems that explains our own worldview. We had to write different types of poems. Haikus, simile poems, imagery poems, sound poems etc. We also wrote down what they mean. The list down below shows all of the terms we learned. For a closer look, tap on the photo.



After writing and learning, we did a poetry test. Of course we had to do one. It wasn’t that hard but it wasn’t easy. I did ok on it. I think. Well I guess there’s nothing else to say other that GO TO MY WORLDVIEW BLOG POST! And see y’all. Have a nice life.