Hello and welcome to a DI-saster. Ha.Ha.Ha.I’m.So.Funny.Ha.Ha.Ha. It was very DI-fficult. Ah.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha. I want to DI-e. Ok, enough about the puns. Well, I guess you’re reading another blog post of mine. Based on the title, you can’t really tell what it is, so I’m gonna explain it to you! DI is actually short for Destination Imagination. DI is a program to improve kid’s creativity. Everything in DI is about creativity. There are I thinks, 6 challenges in total for the middle school level. The middle school level is the level I’m in. We have to present how we solved the challenge on the day of the tournament. The middle level compete against each other. My challenge is Drop Zone. The technical challenge. My group members are Caleb, Kiera and Grace. Here’s a video explaining my challenge.



On the day of the tournament, there’s something called a Instant Challenge. We don’t know anything about the challenge until the day of the tournament. There’s a task-based challenge, performance based challenge and both of them combined. You can get any of the three. Everyone was told not to say anything about the actual challenge so I’m not allowed to talk about it. But that was the basic understanding of the instant challenge.


Now let me explain my challenge, Drop Zone. We are supposed to build a freestanding structure that can withstand weight. We are also supposed to create a story telling a dramatic impact. The structure has to be less than 175 grams and must be at least 7.5 inches tall but no more than 9 inches tall. Our structure reached max weight held but our story didn’t go that well. Oh, the story. We were also supposed to create a story that tells a dramatic impact. We are supposed to test our structure when the dramatic impact happened. Here’s our score.


It was very difficult for our team to work together because we had to much arguing. The coming up with ideas was good though. We came up with a solid ideas for our story but for the structure, not so much. We were going to make a triangle because it’s the strongest shape but realized that the wood was too heavy. So one of our group members(Grace) brought in new wood and we made the structure. Here’s our structure.


Well, overall it was a very interesting experience. For our group, the tournament didn’t go that well. One of our member called in sick on the day of the tournament so our performance didn’t go as planned. After the performance, another group member left to go to a basketball tournament so it was only Caleb and I doing the Instant Challenge. The instant challenge went decent. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either. I felt like our teamwork on the day of the tournament was so much better than the teamwork we had during the two-three month of preparing. If you really want to see our performance, tap on the video. If you don’t really care, than good for you.




Like always, I like to keep my blog posts as short as possible and not make all of you bored. I guess this is the end to this blog post. Oh, by the way, this is only the regional’s tournament. We still have a long way ahead of us. Bye.