Hello there. If you read my other blog posts, you should know that I like to keep them short. However, this one might be long. Ok, let’s start. First let’s talk about why Rome Fell. According to a lot of websites, there are 8 main reasons. 

Well, that was the eight main reasons. Moving on, let’s talk about the challenges to feudalism. There are four main reasons. The first reason is the peasants revolt. The second reason is the Black Death. The third reason is time and money and finally, the fourth reason is wealth. If you want more information, I wrote a paragraph about it, here it is.

Moving on, let’s talk about myth and history. Well, a myth is like a story. Myth is false and history is true. Also, you can’t a myth without a history.

Let’s move on to the Crusades. Before the renaissance, Christians believed that Jerusalem was their holy land. They went on a total of nine Crusades to try to take Jerusalem from the Muslims. The Crusades lasted for about 200 years! Spoiler alert, the Muslims basically won. This allows me to move into the big project. The project is to make a quilt that tells two stories about a hero in the first crusade. We were separated into groups. My group includes, Jackson, Paisley, and Aedan. We had to follow the rules of a hero’s journey to create the two stories.

The steps of a hero’s journey

We had to write a story about a hero on the Muslim side, and a hero that’s part of the Crusade. After writing the stories, we made quilts. The quilts represent the story. First we did many drafts of the story and drawing the quilts and then we finalized and made them. Well, we didn’t really make all of it  but we did most of it. Anyways, here’s our story and quilt! By the way, there are three parts to the story, the beginning, the middle, and the end. Also, if you want to read the story, tap on the part you want to read!



Crusade Quilt

Muslim Quilt

Our class went on a field study to the Gordon Smith art gallery. We looked at the art and talked about them. We looked at how they used the colours, the icons and so on. We also had amazing food from Donair Dude.

Ok, the end is near but it’s not there yet. During the process of learning, we did some other stuff such as how trade led to towns. We had to make a visual explaining it. Here’s my visual. I also had two drafts.

Draft 1

Draft 2

We also read a book, the book is called The Book of a Lion. The book didn’t interest me that much so yeah. It’s up to you if you wanna read it or not. Guess what? This is the end!