Welcome to a very special blog post. In this post we will be talking about Science….. Once upon a time, in a weird classroom, two kiddos decided to do some science. They turned off the lights and started their project….. Aedan and I, we did a couple of worksheets. Only a couple.  We learned how the light rays reflects and wrote down some stuff. First, we learned the different type of lens. Concave, Convex, Plane, Bi-Concave, and Bi-Convex. Anyways, we started with the plane mirror. We looked at how it reflects and where the reflected ray goes. Oh, I almost forgot. The line that goes straight down is called a Normal. The ray that goes towards the mirror is called a incident ray. The ray that reflects is literally called a reflected ray. After we did some of those worksheet. We were done.

Before all of this happened, we watched a documentary on light. It’s called life that glows. It was very interesting. It talked about all the animals that glows, all the planets that glows and tiny organisms that you can’t see that glows. They glow by a chemical reaction and sometimes by the help of bacteria.

That’s not all. We also had to look at how light and sounds both can be waves. First, my partner and I thought about it. For the sounds part, we figured out something. Our ears can pick up sound waves depending on the volume of the speakers. For the lights part, we took a bit more time to think. We shined the light in a bottle of water and the angle of the light that goes in is what it comes out. But, in the bottle, the light changed directions. By the way, the water was not moving at all.


After all of that, Emerson and I were partners. We started looking at how bi-concave and bi-convex lens work. We also looked at how the light ray travelled when it went through vegetable oil, alcohol, and water. Here are some photos we took. 

Next we did some individual work. We learned how bi-concave and bi-convex lens work. Here are some diagrams explaining it.

After that, we watched a video. The video was about light and experiments. First, they covered the windows with tin foil. They made sure the room was completely dark. Then, they poked a small hole in the tin foil. They also had a sheet. Whatever was outside the window reflected back onto the sheet. But, it was upside down. Since the light always travels in a straight line, the top of the object goes thorough the bottoms of the hole, the bottom of the object goes through the top of the hole. It’s pretty cool.

Nowaday’s, what do we use light for? Birthday Parties? Celebrations? Sports? There are loads of things we can use light for. The light is one of the most important things on earth. Without light, darkness will take over. The crops of farmers won’t grow. The parties that you’ve dreamed of won’t happen. You will feel lonely and not have as much connection with other people. Light is important. It can draw people’s attention, shape your worldview, and make everyone happy.

Anyways, that wraps up what we did in science so far this term. Bye.