Hello, my name is Sam. Incase if you didn’t know I like to keep my blog post short. Don’t worry, this one won’t be that long. First, we got separated into groups again. I was with Jackson, Nik, and Gabby. So, we started the challenge. The challenge was to create a sport that everyone enjoys and are able to play. We also watched a video on Launch.


We had limited materials. We had 5 cups, 2 racquets, string, tape, balloons and a whiffle ball.

What is Launch?

Now let’s talk about why this title is called Launch. Launch is a process and each letter represents something. We follow the process to achieve our goals. L stands for listening, look, and learn. We have to listen to ideas and expand on them. A stands for ask questions. We ask questions to get the answers. U stands for understand ideas. Before we do anything else, we have to understand them. N stands for Navigate Ideas. We can start to go deeper with our ideas. C stands for create a prototype. We can start to create and try things out. H stands for highlight and fix. After what we created, we can start to fix the problems. The last and final step is Launch! That’s when we get to launch our sport. 

Our sport is called soccer tennis. Or you can call it, toccer. Or even sennis. I know, they’re weird names but that’s all we got.


The game is pretty simple. You are trying to score a goal with the racquet hitting the whiffle ball into the opponent’s net. There is a court. You may not hit an overhand, or smack it as hard as you can. It’s a touch game. It means you gently hit the ball. It’s difficult to score but it’s fun. The only time you’re allow to hit an overhand is when the ball goes too high. You still can’t smack it but you can block it. When the ball goes out of the court, whoever touched it last does not get the ball. You must try to get the ball. If the ball bounces on your side two or more times, you lose possession, not a point. At the start of each point, the server must hit an returnable serve. You have two touches and five seconds to get the ball to the other side. You may also not cross the half line. First to five points wins. That’s it! Here’s some pictures.

That leaves me to the almost ending but not yet part of this post. Now, I have a little something to show you. It’s the launch cycle notebook. Here it is.

Well this is the end. Fell free to play our sport. I’ll see you next time.