Well, hello again. This may or may not be a very different blog post. It’s almost the end of grade 8 so our grade decided to do something fun. We decided to reconstruct the Tempest into a new act. Our act is located in New France. We had to use the plot of the tempest to explain what happened during New France and the British. This act I’m talking about isn’t really an act. It’s a tableau. If you don’t know what a tableau is, it’s basically a freeze frame. We weren’t allowed talking but we can us minimum movement. Only the Narrator can talk.

We made 5 groups. Each group will have an different act. My group got act 5. Act 5 is the ending of the Tempest. Our group includes Gabby, Aedan, Paisley, and Me. Our job was to create a tableau show the ending of what happened to New France and the British. We summarize the act in the tempest and had to create a tableau of the main parts but following the timeline of what happened in the New France side. I’m sorry if it sounds confusing.

Well, I’m not going to spoil the tempest for you just in case if you haven’t seen it, but I can tell you what happened on the New France side. First, we watched the movie of the tempest and the act than we started to look at the New France side. First we looked at who is in charge of New France. We looked at the Major Players and how they are in charge. Obviously, the King has the most power. Than it goes down to the Sovereign Council which includes the Governor, the Intendant, and the Bishop. The lower side includes people such as country wives, habitants, and fille du roi. If you want to see the entire thing, click on the the picture down below.

After that, we looked at fur trading Companies. The Hudson’s Bay Company(HBC) and the North West Company(NWC). The HBC is a bigger group of people. They trade with the First Nations by having them come to the trading centres or forts. Their Forts and Factories are mostly around the Hudson Bay. Them and the NWC were rivals. The NWC was different. They had less people. They are a small groups of people that decided to form a bigger trading centre. They had very little competition against the HBC because they were too small. But when all the small groups of people became into one big group, they were more competitive. They mostly travel around the HBC, which means that they don’t go through Hudson Bay. They traveled on big canoes to trade. They would go to the First Nations instead of having the First Nations come to them. In the end, both groups became one big group.

Now, it’s the final part. We are going to talk about the seven years’ war. The war was the answer to who will take over North America. The British or the France. The war took place in the plains of Abraham where many lives were lost. The British won in the end and the survivors of France escaped to Montreal. Since there were Acadians that lived there, they helped the France fight. Since the Acadians fought for France, they were kicked out of their homes and has been deported to other places. When France lost the war, they had to sign a treaty ending the war. Here’s a timeline of what happened.


Well, that seven years’ war was the part we had to make into a tableau. It was pretty difficult. We also had to make our own backgrounds. Here’s the full video of our performance.



This is the end. Have a nice day.