Well, hello! My Maker class has been doing a project called Blue Sky. So what is Blue Sky? But first, I can tell you that it’s not about the Blue Sky. For Grade 8, we had to solve a problem that a peer has. As you move onto grade 9 or grade 10, the topic changes. During this, we also learned something called the Launch Cycle. I also have a post about that so make sure you read it. The Launch Cycle has 6 steps in total. The first step is Look, Listen and Learn. The second step is Ask tons of Questions. The third step is Understand the problem or process. The fourth step is Navigate Ideas. The fifth step is create a prototype. The Six path and last step is highlight and fix. As you can see, the reason I’m not explaining each step is because I have another blog post about it. So you can go and read that to find out more.


Anyways, the Blue Sky Project is really open ended. We got to choose any topic we wanted. So now your probably wondering what I chose. For my topic, I chose something about sports. I chose something about soccer. My friend Cooper, he has a hard time catch the ball when the ball is wet. So, I decided to adapt on the goalie glove now to make it better. The book down below has all the steps to how I got to my final product.

For all exhibitions, we decorate the room. This time, my group decided to split the room in half. One side will be physical related and one side will be health related. The physical side is more like sports. We had sports stickers and green paper around the room. The health side was decorated like a hospital. It was a lot better. We also had to create a thesis. Ours was being active can lead to an healthier life. 

 Now that you knew about the room and finished reading my book, here are my three prototypes.

Prototype 1: I Made a sketch about what I’m doing.

Prototype 2: I made my actual gloves

Prototype 3: I created a video with Cooper to test out the gloves(make sure to turn the sound on, there are some great music).


In the end, the exhibition went extremely well. I felt like I did a good job explaining my project to the audience. Some people even said I should sell it.

Well, that’s the end of the Blue Sky exhibition blog post. I also did a Star Wars exhibition blog post so make sure you go read that too.