Hello and welcome back to another student blogging challenge. In the past three weeks, we’ve been doing other challenges. To see my previous week’s challenge feel free to visite my blog post. Anyways, week four is all about emojis. We can choose from four tasks and I chose task one. Here are all the tasks.

Anyways, my task was to create a story using given emojis. This is what I got as my emojis.

Now let’s get onto my story. So once upon a time there was a small brown monkey. One day, the monkey decided to get his hair cut. When he was done cutting his hair, he decided to have a very nice and long shower. After taking the shower, he found a mysterious ladybug outside his door. When he picked up the ladybug to take a closer look, a car arrived. The man in the car gave him a big red flag. The man told the monkey to put the flag on top of Mount Everest. So the little monkey took a gondola up to the top of Mount Everest. When he was at the top, he met new friends. He met a tiger named Bill, a  flying whale named Bob, and a cute looking cat named Sophie. The Cat soon fell in love with the little monkey and they decided to put the flag on top of the mountain together. When they were finished, the little monkey had to go home. The Cat was really sad. As days gone by, the cat missed the monkey even more. In the monkey’s heart, he knew he would never come back. He has taken a boat to a island full of lovely penguins. The little monkey never saw the cat ever after.

The End

There you have it, the story of a little monkey. Stay tuned for more student blogging challenges in the future! But for now, peace.