Hello and welcome back to my blog! In this post, I’ll be talking about a video I made! In my Maker class, we’ve been making a lot of videos. Well, not just Maker, we made videos in basically every subject. That’s what PLP 9 is mainly about! 

Now let’s get into this special task we were given. We had to create a Live Event video that’s between 1-2 minutes. The Live Event could be a sports game, something you created, or anything really. In the video, it should tell a story and includes a interview. For my Live Event Video, I decided to do my soccer game. I had to get my dad to film because I was actually playing in the game. Anyways, let’s see draft 1.

I did mention draft 1 if you did paid attention. So now you’re probably thinking there’s more drafts. Guess what? You’re not wrong! For my first draft, the grade 11 did a critique. No offence to the grade 11’s but they didn’t really say anything specific. All they said was make the intro longer, good interview style, and remove filter. So I did what they told me to do and create my draft 2 video.

Ok, finally, draft 3. My teacher finally gave me some good feedback so I can actually fix the video. My main feed back was to make it more like a story and not random clips of soccer. My other thing was to make the middle shorter and have a longer ending and beginning. I tired my best to make the video so here it is.

To be honest with you, this was probably not my favourite project because you had to rely on your dad to get the filming done correctly and there was only one try. My Dad did do most of the things except the most important one. The goal that was scored in the game. He didn’t get it on camera. What a shame isn’t it? I guess I can’t really blame him because you never know when a goal is coming. It was a fun but tough game though. 

By the way, you should really check out some of the other blog posts. Anyways, have a nice day.