Hi, welcome back to my blog. I’m Sam and in this post, it’s about the week 7 student blogging challenge! The week 7 task is to create a free choice post. That mean we can write about anything. Before I continue, don’t forget to check out my other blog posts and make sure you leave a comment! Anyways, here are the week 7 tasks.

I’m guessing at this point you’ve read the title of this post. If your guess is tennis than your correct. This post is about tennis. Or should I say, my journey through tennis. Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. Anyways let’s jump straight into it.

I was introduced to tennis at the age of 6 but didn’t start playing till 10. I didn’t think I was going anywhere with tennis so I didn’t put much focus into it. At the age of 11, I found a new coach. He helped me reach my potential today and he is still my coach. During the one year of training with him, I got to a level where I can start playing junior tournaments. Recently, he told me that he didn’t think I was going to get anywhere with tennis based off of how I worked a couple years ago. But he told me he was wrong. A couple years ago I would be walking onto the court looking all tired and have no energy, but today is different. Here’s a clip of me playing when I was 10.

When I was almost 12, I was put into a better group with a lot of good players. A lot of people older than me and didn’t think I was any good. At the age of 12, I was in the provincial group. Still struggling to find a way to beat the kids in my group. At around 2017 June, I got a pulled ligament in my right shoulder. I was stupid enough to keep playing for a month. From June to July, I played two tournaments within the month. That’s what made my injury worse. In August, I went to see a doctor about my shoulder. He said I needed at least 3 month of healing. Maybe even more. I definitely did not like the sound of that. I was mad. I came back to the group in January 2018. I was horrible. It took me till March to start hitting consistently again. During the time of recovery, I started to work harder. I wanted to recover and improve. I finally recovered. At the end of September, I started to get the feeling of the ball. I started to put more energy into my work. None of that would’ve happened if my coach didn’t allow me to play the Provincial/National camp in the summer. I played about 5 hours a day and 1 hour on the weekend every week. It was difficult. My coach has now allow me back into my group and I’m able to play well again. Leading up till today, I’m getting a little better each day. All I’m gonna say is hard work pays off. To wrap it up, Thank You to all Coaches for all your support.