Hi, welcome to my blog! In this blog post, I will be talking about something called take your kids to work day. We also did a project on this day as well. Let’s jump straight into it.

First things first. Let’s start with what is take your kids to work day. Basically, it’s a day where your parents bring their kids to see what they do as a job. It shows what type of job the parents are doing to their kids and to see if the kids are interested or not. That’s basically what it is. 

For me, I went to my Dad’s office. Amray Solar. Even though my Dad was at a meeting in Calgary. I brought my friend Jason with me as well. The office itself wasn’t big but the storage room was big. The business is all about solar panels. By solar panels, I mean they help put solar panels on people’s houses, or simply sell them. They also sell the different parts you need to construct the solar panel onto your roof or something. Anyways let’s now talk about the project

The project is a video based project. It’s what PLP 9 is mostly about. The other part is storytelling. So we were supposed to create a 3-5 minute long video that talks about the day. It should also explain if you want or don’t want to do this job. The video must also include a interview with one of the workers that may be your parent. It should also have non copyright music. Anyways, here’s my video.

Overall, my experience of the day was pretty good. The solar panels were pretty cool and it was a great experience overall. Jason and I helped each other film and stuff and we even got to do an experiment with the solar panels! In the end, it was pretty good!