Hello, my name is Sam and welcome to my blog. In this blog post, you’ll be reading about week 8 student blogging challenge. If you haven’t read my previous posts, make sure you do that later. Now let’s get into the challenges.

The Challenges are very simple this challenge. For me, I chose to talk about what holidays my family celebrates. To be honest to you, I don’t even know where to start. There are som many things to talk about. Before I get any deeper, here are the other choices.

If I want to list all of the holidays my family celebrates, that’d be way to many. So I’m going to tell you one that we celebrate whatsoever. Let me give you a hint. It’s only a month away! You probably guessed it already, it’s Christmas! Every year, my family takes a family photo right before Christmas. It’s almost like a tradition. Basically every year, our family would head up to Whistler. If your a reader from a different country and don’t know where Whistler is, it’s located in BC Canada. It’s a small village but the mountains you ski on are great. Yes, I did say mountains and not just mountain. That’s because there are two. It’s one of the best places to ski.

On the week of Christmas, my Dad and I would head up there first. We’d Ski for around 5 days and then my Mom and Brother would come too. Each year, I do a skiing camp before my Mom comes to visit. While I do my camp, my dad teaches other people at Whistler. Yes, he is a instructor and not some random dude teaching kids.

On the day of Christmas, that’s when my Mom and Brother comes. We’d celebrate and have a family dinner because we already opened our presents at home. After the week, we’d still be up there for new year. We’d watch the fireworks and leave to go home the next day. It’s a very eventful week up there in Whistler. There’s also a lot of free stuff that they give out.

Anyways, this has been another week of student blogging challenge. Before I let you go, please leave a comment and read my other posts! Stay tuned for more posts and I’ll see you next time. Peace.