Hello, welcome back to my blog! This is the last post I’ll be writing in 2018 but when you’re reading this, it’s probably 2019 already. Anyways lets jump right into it.

As you probably already know, PLP students do something called an exhibition. This is our chance to present what we learned to the community in a very interactive way. Now we do have something called the mPOL and tPOL but that is only with the teacher and parents. Now back onto the exhibition, for PLP 9 this year, it’s all about videos, animations and storytelling. So let’s jump right into the project.

For this project, there were two main sections. The science, and the storytelling. So let’s talk about the science first. So what is are science in this project? Well guess what, it’s about chemical bonding. I also have a science post about that for you to read if you want to. Anyways, I won’t make this so complicated. Basically in science, we’ve been learning about bonding and elements. More specifically, ionic and covalent bonding. Now your probably thinking, what does all this have anything to do with stories? Well, I’ll get to that later. So what is a covalent bond? That’s when two non-metal elements share electrons. The ionic bond is when a metal and non-metal element give away electrons instead of sharing. Now let’s move onto the story and the creation.

Like always, we were separated into small groups. So my group includes Jackson, and Caleb. Our task was to create a story with an animation. After creating that story, we were combined with one other group to create a even bigger story. The other group included Lucy and Amelia. The story is basically the two group’s combined together. After bring the two stories together, we now have to bring it to life. That’s where we have to plan everything out for the exhibition. 

Now before the exhibition, we were assigned different rooms. Our task is to make the room feel like the story. In the room, there will be clues leading to the ending of the story. The room is only one part of the story we chose. For our group, we chose the gala. Our story is about a robber stealing money from one of the main characters. I will now explain the plot. It first starts when Harry(Sophia’s Brother) borrows money from Corey(Sophia’s Friend). When Harry had enough money to give back to Corey, his money was stolen during the setup of the gala. Harry took a blurry photo of what seemed to be a woman. Harry than makes a plan with his sister Sophia to get the money back. They knew the robber would be back since she was setting up the gala earlier. When it was the night of the gala, Sophia was distracting Corey while Harry tried to get the money back. When Harry started to make a mess at the gala, Corey was suspecting something. That’s when Sophia let’s Corey in on the plan. They than all get together to catch the robber. When they caught the robber, Harry got his money back and returned it to Corey. When you work as a team, you can achieve anything. Anyways, about the rooms, we have to make them as good as possible. We have to try to make the audience feel like their in the story. We also made puzzles for the audience to solve. Let’s move onto the night of the exhibition.

It’s finally time, for the grande finale. The problem is, it’s not going to be easy. Today is the day we set up our room. It was extremely stressful since we got one of the biggest rooms. That wasn’t going to stop us though as we did a very good job on setting up our room. Now, it’s the night of the exhibition. We only get one shot at it. Everyone is getting ready for it. The grade 8’s, the grade 9’s and every other grade. So our task was to stay in the characters we were assigned. Sometimes act as guides if the audience doesn’t understand. It was fun but also difficult. Some people are different than others. Anyways, it was a great experience.

Now in conclusion, this was probably my favourite exhibition even though we only had two other ones. The experience was great and as the exhibition went on, you get more comfortable talking to the audience. I’m hoping the next exhibition will be just as fun as this one. Anyways, for now, I will see you next time.