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So what exactly is this post about? Well, based off of the title, you might be thinking Louis Riel? Manitoba? Canada? Before I tell you anything even about to the project, I’m going to tell you something about the driving question. So what is the driving question? The question is “How does power alter relationships between individuals and societies?” Well, you’re about to find out.

Now before I tell you about the project, I want to tell you about Power. What exactly is this power? It’s not the electricity power your thinking of. It’s the power of each of us individuals. It can be strength, leadership, knowledge, or anything that makes you powerful. Now that brings us to the driving question. How does power alter relationships between individuals and societies? 

Louis Riel

First, I’m going to tell you what we did as a part of the project. We were reading a comic book. Now this comic book is actually about Louis Riel. In the book, we got to learn about what Louis Riel was doing, what he achieved, what he did wrong, and what happened to him. We were getting knowledge about the CPR, the treaties, the growth of Manitoba, and the Métis.There were 4 parts of the book. For each section, we would have to write about the characters introduced, who has the most power, what did Louis Riel tell us about him, etc. We were supposed to get a basic knowledge of Louis Riel and Power. Now if I’m gonna rate the book, I’d say it was interesting. The comic is written from one person’s view so you can’t really judge if Louis Riel was good or not. In the end, I would recommend you to read it if your interested in learning the background of Louis Riel.


In Class Activities

Now one of the class activities we had is the Debate. The debate was about if Louis Riel was a Hero or a Villain. The class got separated in half and we had to research why he was good, or why he was bad. For me, I got put onto the Villain side. We didn’t really get to choose. The debate was pretty fun and I learned that he can be good or bad. It depends on a person’s view. He didn’t do everything perfect. The debate ended up with the Hero side winning by one point. It was extremely close. Now onto the second activity. A smaller one. We were put into groups of 2-3 and we had to research about a person and how they were powerful. For me, Jason and I chose Martin Luther King Jr. We learned about how he continued to protest and stand up for his people. We learned the basics of his power and how it effected the community. Now the next one is the Surveyors activity. In this activity, we split the class into half. One half are the surveyors and the other are the land owners. The surveyors are trying to get the land for as cheap as possible. The land owners are trying to get as much as they can. Now the surveyors have no limit to what they cam give. This made them more powerful. I guess that was the point of this project. To show who has power.

 The REAL Power

Now, let’s move onto the final project. Or I guess we can call it, the main project. So what it is? Well, you see, all of the things I just talked about involves around power. So this must be too. Guess what, your totally correct. Our project is to research a powerful person that took part of the Canadian History. Now for the person I chose, his name is George Simpson.

The Viceroy of HBC. Now our task wasn’t to hand in a sheet of research. It was to create an animation using any app that we like. The animation must be from 2-3 minutes and it must answer the driving question. The animation is basically the story of the person we chose. We had to do a lot of research, create a storyboard, share our research to our peers, but most importantly, we made different drafts that lead up to the final draft. Anyways, if your interested in watching mine, here it is.


Overall, I thought the project was pretty significant. I got to learn about power through many different ways. I learned it from reading the comic, debates, and some simple in class activities. Even though the animation was really time consuming, the end product is something that I was proud of. I didn’t think I was actually going to create an animation. We got a lot of peer critique and that was very helpful. Some things that I struggled with was probably getting off topic. Or should I say, getting distracted because of games at home. At school, I’m usually focused and on topic. When I sit in front of my iPad and only do drawings for the animation, I get really bored and tend to get distracted. Other than that, I really enjoyed learning about Canadian history and the power of each significant individual. Well, I guess that’s another project done. Until next time, peace.