Hello all! Welcome to my blog. Well, in this blog post, I’ll be writing about something I’ve never really talked about on my blog. The topic this post is about workplace safety. It’s basically about being safe when your doing your job at work. So, let’s jump straight into it.

Since I live in British Columbia, we’ll be talking about the workplace safety there. In this post, you’ll be reading mostly about young workers like me, since they are the ones that are most likely to get hurt. First, let’s start with some causes that might contribute to a worker getting hurt.

In BC, many young workers get injured or killed because of the lack of experience. About 34 young workers gets injured in BC every working day. 1 injured every hour. There are many reasons for these numbers and not just the lack of experience. Young workers are more willing to take risks than full grown adults. Young workers are keen to prove themselves so their employers. Young workers tends to not ask questions and try to do everything themselves. They are unawares of the risks of the job and most importantly, lack of safety education and training. All of these are factors that British Columbia has issues with their young workers. Sometimes it’s not entirely the workers fault. Below, is a info graphic that I created to show these numbers.


I’ve watched a video on the training of employees at Grouse Mountain and found something not only Grouse Mountain should do but other places as well. While I was watching the video, I took notes about the training they do. At Grouse Mountain, they do a couple days of training before allowing the workers to start their first day. The first day is orientation training, the second day is safety and costumer service training. During the days of training, they have a checklist that the workers must sign. On the sheet, the worker has to sign beside everything the feel comfortable with. If they don’t feel comfortable, they do not sign beside the parts that they don’t feel safe comfortable. The training will continue until the worker is comfortable and feels safe with everything included in their job. To me, that is a big part. The signing of the sheet can show the employer that the worker is comfortable with their job. Obviously, for the first few days, the employer still supervise the worker but the sheet is important and it tells the employer how ready the worker is. Here is the Grouse Mountain Video.

For any worker in BC, you have the rights to refuse to work in an unsafe workplace. If you don’t feel safe, do not be afraid to tell your employer. Secondly, you have the rights to training. Make sure you get the correct training before you start your job. Last but not least, you have the rights to work in a safe workplace. If you don’t feel safe, you can refuse to work in that workplace. Anyways, this course has allowed me to understand most of the workplace safety and how to prevent it in the future. Hopefully you young workers out there also understand the dangers of a workplace. For now, I’ll see you next time.