The End of a Great Trilogy


You may or may not know from my other posts, #1 and #2, that our class has been reading the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller. It’s a pretty interesting play that relates a lot to today’s society. In this play, the characters deal a lot with the concept of the devil, and God and Heaven. They have strict rules of what is Godly and what is the work of the devil, and you must avoid the devil at all costs. And so, for this post, I will be talking about my concept of heaven.

Now we’ve all seen the cheesy edited photos that are designed to look like the gates or entrance of Heaven, and these are supposed to give us an idea of what Heaven looks like. Everyone has a different picture of what Heaven is in their head, and I believe that is correct.

I have grown up always being a Christian, and so I have a different belief about the afterlife. I believe that when you die, if you believe in God, and want to be with Him, to put it simply, that you will go to Heaven. And if you don’t, then you will go to hell, the complete opposite, where the Devil rules. I believe that God wants everyone to come to Heaven because he cares for and created everyone specifically in His own image, and doesn’t want to force us to believe in Him. So, Heaven will be a place where you can be with God, and also people you loved or miss, and it will be different for everyone as everyone has a different perception of Heaven. Heaven is completely and purely happiness and joy for eternity, which I find is extremely hard for our minds to think about.

I also don’t think Heaven is a physical place, it is a spiritual location that we cannot see here on earth. I believe we all have a spirit inside of us, which is what makes every single person on earth different and unique in their own ways. Then when they die, their body stays on earth and their spirit goes to heaven, or hell.

To help you visualize this complicated topic I’ve made my own cheesy photo of what I think Heaven will look like, and how I got there:

The first photo is my tragic and peaceful death mountain biking at age 89. I crash doing the sickest trail ever, I die immediately upon impact. The next photo represents what I see when I get to Heaven, with God and my family and friends waiting for me.

I enjoyed writing this post as it got me thinking again about what I think will happen. People in the Crucible definitely had strong views on Heaven and Hell, and this caused them a lot of moral suffering as people sorted through their actions and if they’re considered “Right” or “Wrong” and which afterlife they will end up in.

Overall, it’s an interesting topic for sure.


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