Conceptual War

The end of grade 11. We have just finished another year of high school. I can’t really believe it’s over and that summer is here already. To finish off our year, we were tasked with yet another end of the year exhibition. And this one was like no other one we’ve done before. Let me […]

Tell Me A Story

Back before the Christmas break, our PLP 10 class was extremely busy. We had our Vancouver Sins of the City project to work on, and then we were given another massive project. We knew that the project was coming, but we didn’t know what was coming. If you are familiar with the PLP program, you’d […]

Blue Sky 2017

Hey there, Welcome back to my blog, and in this post I’ll be talking about the biggest project of the year. Blue Sky. We do a mini-version in the winter before Christmas break, but really that’s just getting us ready for this one. This one we work on for about a full month, maybe a […]

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