Are You The Monster?

Here we go again everyone. The last but not least movie reflection post of our Monster in the Mirror unit.  If you haven’t see my other two posts, I reflected on the horror in the films Halloween by John Carpenter, and Jordan Peele’s Get Out. Both are horror movies, but from very different times. And I wrote about […]

I Wish I Could Get Out

Hey all y’all, welcome back. Recently in PLP we watched another movie. Movies instead of schoolwork sounds pretty great. And I guess it is definitely better than regular work. But it is because we are going to be making our own movie and we want to actually make a good one. A horror movie to […]

Conceptual War

The end of grade 11. We have just finished another year of high school. I can’t really believe it’s over and that summer is here already. To finish off our year, we were tasked with yet another end of the year exhibition. And this one was like no other one we’ve done before. Let me […]

We Shall Overcome

Welcome back, it has been a while.   Before spring break started 2 weeks ago, we were just wrapping up our Civil Rights Movement unit. This unit followed the events in American history during the 50’s and 60’s concerning the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. So, for the last few months, […]

Creative Crucible #2

Welcome back,   Today will be a continuation of our creative Crucible blog posts we are doing in PLP Humanities right now. Currently in class, we are reading a play called the Crucible, a dark, creepy play written about the Salem Witch Trials in 1690. We had a list of tasks to complete, and so […]

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