Time To TPOL

Well, it’s that time of the year again. We’ve almost completed another school year, with only one more to go. I’m really excited for the summer, but I’m also really excited to start grade 12 in PLP. I want to push myself next year, now that I have found my talents and my niche in […]

I Made A Time Machine

This year we’ve been trying something new. It’s called the Personal Growth Plan, or PGP for short. It’s another class we participate in, and is a mandatory part of PLP. It is a course dedicated to increasing productivity, goal setting, and learning about the 7 Habits. Over the course of the year we have been […]

The Earth On The Edge

Hey, it’s blog post time. Recently in PLP humanities, we’ve been studying the 1960’s closely. We started this year with the Second World War, and continued on through the fifties, and now have finished the sixties. We have now completed the Cold War as well, something that turned out to be way more interesting than […]

Seattle Is a Crazy One

Hello, A while back, from December 1st to 3rd, me and my PLP class went to Seattle for field school. We were there to research and film for our Seattle Crazy Ones video. We were studying how certain people changed the worldview of the community around them. We were split into groups, and it was […]

Do You Think Different?

Hello, A while ago in PLP 9, we were about to go to Seattle for field school, and after that we would do a big project on that trip. The project would be a video explaining how a certain group or company is different from the rest. But before all this, we did a mini […]

Copper Chloride Lab

Hello, Just a few days ago, we did a lab in science on copper chloride and aluminum. We started with just a sheet of aluminum foil and mixed in a beaker with a compound mixture of copper and chlorine, but once mixed, it’s called copper chloride. Once the aluminium had been broken down in the […]

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