We Learned Something From The Past?!

            We became medieval art!!!!! Want to find out why and how?

Yep that’s me in the medieval times… WAIT WHAT! No I wasn’t actually in the medieval times even though that would be cool but that is our artwork project and I’ll tell you all about it.

Driving Question

This is the question that drives us through the entire project and this question is normally always the question we always come back too. This projects driving question was “ What can we learn from the past and why does it matter to us today?”. I found this driving question really interesting because there are so many answers to it and I was really excited to learn more about it.

Book of the lion

To start with our project we read an old timey book called book of the lion. The reason our teacher made us read this book is because it’s very strong on worldview (how they view the world). To me honest opinion its basically gibberish and was hard for me to follow and hard for me to finish. While we were reading this book we were having to fill in our role sheets specifically about your weeks reading. There were 3 roles in total and you would have a turn to do each one.


Leader tribute

For this assignment in the project we had to make a leader tribute with our group to a historically significant leader. Me, Elsa and Evelyn (my group) decided to choose Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. We decided to perform an acting skit Gen z version showing the amazingness of Queen Eleanor. Overall we were all very happy with it and it was hilarious! The point of us doing this was because we were trying to show different worldviews and options on women and people not wanting her to be in charge such as her husband.

Artwork choice chart

This was our first benchmark in this project, Where we have to finish this and do it right or we wont be ready for the next steps. This was the base of our medieval art it was like our planning page where we figured out why it would be there and what pictures should be there. This part of the project was tricky but I got through it and was able to carry on!

Medieval portraits

Now that we had a basic idea of what was going to be in our portrait it was time to start putting our face into it. I know it sounds kind of strange but it’s exactly what we did we just stuck our face on an old medieval person and BAM! We were onto the next step…
Next thing we had to do was add all the other pictures into the background, it wasn’t able to just be a collage in the background it had too be a whole scene where things were placed and cropped to fit.


Paragraph explaining my art

How can our artwork help us learn from the past and why does that matter to us today?

With our medieval artwork it shows how they would live their lives and their worldview. This can help me understand myself and my worldview by explaining and showing to me how lucky I am to be able to live somewhere that we have the opportunity to learn things we are interested in.

One of the images in my artwork are a medieval clock artwork to represent time. In the medieval times people cared about time but its not the same as it is now, such as back then time was in morning, noon and night so that they would know when to wake up and what time to go to sleep. Time in the medieval times is not nearly as important as it is now. Now we have to be in certain places at certain times. Back in the medieval times if you were late to a school or lesson you would be punished severely. Today this relates to my worldview by me always wanting to be on time to places I go (even if my sibling will always make me late). Whenever I am late to a sport or to a class my teacher or coach is a bit frustrated as they should be because as they know I have missed learning that could’ve improved me to be better. I am lucky to live where I do for the fact that with my school teacher she is very strict and if you are not on time she may call you out in front of the whole class. This also improves me by wanting to get myself to school on time so I can learn faster and not miss as much. Another thing I decided to add to my image was a medieval map that that is for geography, the map in the picture is very inaccurate. This is because in the medieval times people had just started explaining and had to really know what else was out there. This relates to me because I enjoy travelling so much and if I could have a conversation with the person who created this map in the medieval times I would try to explain how much more is out there. I would really hate a world that was misinterpreted and was harder to learn about. The way that map was probably made was because of the fact that those things were the things that they had been taught or told. Now today things are taught with more evidence and as someone who is very interested in geography I am happy to say the earth IS round. This is important to my worldview because I enjoy being taught things that are proven and are true. Another thing I then put into my art work was an image that represented beliefs. I chose two represent beliefs about punishments and death. All the punishments back then were brutal and some of them were not all exactly fair. Such as if you steal instead of having jail time, you would be strung to a pole and have arrows shot at you and your brain and heart being last so you stay alive to feel the pain. This can relate to my worldview by me seeing how much of a fair style of ruling or society that we live in and that the medieval people lived in. There are many forms of beliefs that the medieval people had such as women can not and should not learn. I believe this is very wrong and as a women today that values learning and is a learner, I see that women have rights to learn when ever they want whether they are 50 or 5. This is also important to my worldview because education is an important part of my world and how I view it.

In conclusion, medieval art can represent so many things and can show examples of so many things and can also show your differences of their life and yours. When you view these differences you may begin to see how lucky you are to have what you have and live where you live.

Take a breather 😮‍💨

I understand how that could’ve been a lot to process so lets just take a break and breathe…. If you really need a break click here.


Sketch and tell

This was one of the last parts of this project that we had to do we had to in a sketch show how societies gain and lose power. In my image I decided to show war and bad leadership being a main reason of how societies gained and lost their power. In the rough sketch I drew I am not trying to say dinosaurs and superheroes were fighting in wars but I was trying to show a battle in a more colourful looking way. This image is important to my worldview because sometimes I can see bad leaders and unhappy followers.


Overall in this project I have learned so much about the past and the present! I really feel that all the steps we did take were completely necessary for our end result. I have learned that past decisions can really affect what we do and what we say now in the present. I have also learned that we dont always learn from our mistakes and end up doing something worse or just doing the same thing. This is also very relatable to today because lots of the time we may make a mistake and just keep making that mistake and eventually never learn even when you tell your self “ Siena make sure you are on time for school!” Or “Siena remember peanut butter then it’s jelly!”. In conclusion we always have something to learn from the past and we can decide what we do with that information whether we use it for the better or for the worse.

Thanks for reading and stay posted for my next post! 👍

It Was Weird Then It Got Weirder…

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

For all the hype you would think it would be more exciting… Hi It’s me again posting about my journey from elementary school to high school. Yeah the transition is hard enough but then you’re told to make a song about it… that’s rough.

Let’s get this party started!

At the beginning of the year in humanities we started with a project based on the outsiders  book. This book has been in the school curriculum for many years and in many schools, even my mom and dads schools in England. For this project the driving question was “How can a text help me understand myself as my worldview is changing?” I still find this a hard question to answer but this book shows so many different worldviews and I compared it to mine…

The role sheets

While we were reading this book we had to do sheets of work that were to 1. To Prove we were actually reading the book and 2. Show more understanding of what we were reading. There were 4 sheets in total, you would do 1 every week for 3 weeks in your group and on the last week when you should’ve finished the book there will have been a last role sheet the 4th one that would have lots of questions about their worldview and how it connects to yours as well. In my group was Daniel J and Emilia W you can check out their blog by clicking on their names.                                                                                          MindNode Benchmark

This was one of our benchmarks (where we couldn’t move on in the project if we didn’t finish this) This was our first time using the app MindNode and it was actually really cool. To start MindNode is basically an app to create a big mind bubble in a more organized way. This Mind Node that we created was featuring our worldview and what we believe in. This helped us organize our worldview and look at others.


After we finished the book the outsiders we got the assignment to craft song lyrics for a song on our worldview. But we couldn’t just write any old song you had to write the song with the same tune and lyrics to the song “It’s The End Of The End World As We Know It” you may have heard it before, your parents may have heard it before but all you need to know is that I kinda despise the song now. Whenever it comes on it just brings back nightmares or filming and creating. After everyone was finished crafting their song lyrics we had to remake them wanna know why….. BECAUSE WE GOT PUT INTO GROUPS!!! We ended up merging all our songs  together and having a great song in the end. We had to craft this song on Garage Band which is an app that you can make cool beats, songs and special effects on.

Music Video

With your group that you crafted the lyrics with you would then have to make a music video featuring your song. One person in your group (in mine that was me) then all the other group members would send pictures explaining how their worldview from elementary school has changed. Im proud of our video very much and I hope you guys will like it as well. Enjoy! Just in case you are unable to view it you can click here! Or just type in YouTube search @sienaj 


In this project I really reflected on what world view was and how it affected me and others around me. I also learned how to work with others better and everyone contributing to the final product. With this project I have also learned that I don’t work well with everyone and that’s fine that apart of life you don’t get to work with everyone you want to trial and error. In conclusion this reject was a great start to our many other projects to come and it really helped shape me as a PLP learner more.

Thanks for reading and stay posted for my next post! 👍

Deep Cove Glow

Deep Cove Glow
Choice Post: Ever seen a 13 year old run a successful business right here in the cove?! Okay well maybe you have but now you have seen me! Hey there my name is Siena and this is my first post for my new blog. For my first post we are supposed to pick anything we want to do it on and when I say anything I mean anything. I decided to do my post on my business Deep Cove Glow. Deep Cove Glow (or DCG) is a jewelry business specifically earrings, but not just any earrings, threaded earrings. 

Wait, What Is So Special About Your Earrings?

Well for one they are threads which isn’t very common and they are not just some random earrings that are strange shapes that i think are cool, they are actually inspired by the shapes and colours of Deep Cove.

Where Can I Find Your Jewelry?

You can find my stock at Deep Cove Collective in Deep Cove village in the jewelry section. Though I wasn’t just able to walk in and put my things on the shelves, when I first visited to see if they would stock my jewelry they replied with “sorry we are all full right now we are unable stock your product” but that didn’t stop me from getting stocked. I went back the next day and asked them again ( a bit more sternly) if I could be stocked in their store. Seeing I was pretty persistent they stocked me in the store and my jewelry is there right now and you should check it out!


How Often Do You Stock Your Earrings?

I restock my earrings every month or so and every time I have brand new styles depending on what time of the year it is. For example this summer I had a “Mid Summer Drop” which is basically my summer collection which had peaches 🍑 butterflies 🦋 flowers 🌸 and more. Then at the beginning of the school year I had another restock which was all a fall collection with leaves 🍁 raindrops 🌧️ more leaves 🍂 and a lot more. But I don’t only just restock every  month if I’m ever low down at the store I will always pop in with some of the extras and put them in the store.

Most Popular Earrings!

Colourful Humming Birds
Crystal Rain Drops
Whale Tails

Are Your Earrings Affordable?

Yes I believe they are. they are the cheapest out of all the jewelry at $12.50 while the others usually go above $30. I have compared my earring to other companies that sell this same product for around $25 to $30 i know crazy right here is one of the small companies that also sells thread earrings on Etsy. Click Here!
As you could see they weren’t as affordable so I have done my research and I think my product is reasonably priced.

Are You In The Winter Market?

YESSSSS! And I’m very excited it will be in mid November and you should definitely come and visit and check it out! I don’t know what kind of earrings I will have there yet (or maybe I do) but you should definitely come and see them. I may also get in the spring market which will also be super fun!

             Deep Cove Collective Is Such A Small Store, Why Would You Want To Get Stocked There?

Well I wanted to get stocked into Deep Cove Collective because its a very popular souvenir shop and its in a very popular tourist destination. Another reason is that the cove has just been redone and more people will be there than ever (especially during summer) and all of this combined makes it a great place to sell my earrings.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my small jewelry business that I hope will get bigger someday. Come check out my stock at Deep Cove Collective! And I’m trying to find a sentence I can say at the end of every blog post I do maybe something like “Stay Posted For My Next Post 👍” See you next time!