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About the end of the student blogging challenge

SBC is over   This all started March 15, 2020. The student blogging challenge was starting up again for the spring. It was my second time enrolling and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. Kathleen Morris had… Continue Reading →

About witnessing history

Witnesses to history   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It’s no secret when I say that the great nations of the world have not seen a pandemic like this in many years. The infamous virus called covid 19, or Coronavirus, has spanned the globe… Continue Reading →

About emojis

Emojis Ok, emojis. What will I be talking about in a blog post about Emojis? I mean, everyone know everything about emojis! Well, that’s where you might be surprised to learn that their is a lot you don’t know  about… Continue Reading →

About school

A place to learn     Now before I get stared on my blog post, I just want to point out the covid-19 pandemic prevents me from being physically able to go to school. This will lead to a bonus… Continue Reading →

About Earth day

Earth day   Hello, my name is Simon. In this blog post I’ll be talking about earth day, why it came about and it’s history. Starting off with a definition. Earth day is April 22, and is meant to celebrate… Continue Reading →

About my passions

Leatherwork     I have passions, or things I like to do. I have several, but I’ll be talking about 2. The first is leatherwork. Here are some bullet points about my first passion. I like threading the needle, it’s… Continue Reading →

About my second di tournament

Zooming to the rescue     Hello, my name is Simon. The topic today is my latest embarrassments during a di tournaments. To learn more about di tournaments, pls visit this link. My team took part in the improv challenge…. Continue Reading →

About photos

image copyright and usage   This large logo above my opening paragraph is the symbol for copyright. What is copyright you might ask? Well, Oxford describes it as “the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to… Continue Reading →

About Connecting through commenting

Connecting through commenting YouTube: Simon On The Internet       Hello and welcome to my second week on here student blogging challenge. As the website can tell you, this week is all about comments. Commenting is a very useful… Continue Reading →

My group REM lyrics

  Simon That’s great, it starts in seventh grade School, fun, and friendships  And Jakub is not afraid 1 2 Josh Eye of the others , listen to yourself turn People serve their own needs I just serve my own… Continue Reading →

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