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SLC post 1!

If you haven’t already check out my blog post about what SLCs are here

The work that I am most proud of that I have done this year is my group project called Pace of Change from Destination Imagination.


This is the Destination Imagination logo⬆️

Our group had to build a vehicle with two propulsion systems and two methods of movement and also come up with a skit and present it to judges and a crowd. Personally I think this project was the hardest thing I have ever done in school as it involved so much planning and working as a team. We had to get together a lot out of school time as we didn’t realize how much work this project needed. We first came up with a skit about a boy’s life which was perfect as the theme for this project was change.


Then we came up with the design of the vehicle which took a long time. We finally finished with our two propulsion systems which were a motor and a winch. We also came up with our two movement methods: wheels and a sled but unfortunately we didn’t end using the sled as it didn’t work:(.

At the performance we were pretty prepared for the presentation but when we started presenting, our car broke down(ahhhhhhhh!) but we still pushed through and actually ended up getting 3rd place out of all the teams in our category and on top of that we got an award!!!!!! After all that, we get to perform again at provincials the next competition. For the next competition, my group is going to try to fix the car and make our story even better than it already is.




sofiab • March 10, 2016

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