About me…

So you really want to learn more about me…

Just to make things easier I’m going to list the things about me. But first of all you need to know my name, my name is sophia is aΒ quite popular name for where I come from, any ways, let’s get to the list.

– I’m from China

-I like tocos, sushi, pizza, chicken strips and fries.

-I like hip pop

-this is my 4th year speaking English (is ether the 3rd or 4th year).

-my original name was Roufei (many people think is a cute name((not to me)).

– my favourite colours are black, purple, red, blue and green.

– I have been playing the piano since Gr. 2

-I don’t have much black clothes( I only have like one or two only)

-my favourite sport is ice skating (including Figure skating, ice hockey)

-I have cried in my sleep

-I want to learn every single instrument on this planet

-I like the Galaxy

– I like art

– bread is the best

– I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!!!!

-I was born without two Front tooth

– I’m Allergic to makeup

-I dislike eggs

– I dislike playing my piano everyday for one hour

-I dislike people lying to me

-I’m a musical person ( view blog post about it )

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