The work I am most proud of would have to be the DI (Destination Imagination) team project on the Pace of Change. (I will be calling it that for the rest of this blog post). So the criteria for this DI project is that we are supposed to build a vehicle and have it move 10 feet by itself and we had to make a backstory about it. The reason why this is work I am most proud of is because we had to do this work by ourselves and  there were no instructions provided on how to build a go cart! So we came up with different ideas and built it.  There were a lot of problems and problem solving like when the chain didn’t fit or when the wooden dowels weren’t strong enough for the axels  or putting in a second propulsion system. The lawn mower engine was tricky to pull out.  The team also had to make two team choice elements which were a cake and a chalk board. In the play, I was the realtor and the teacher.  Then the team won an award for it and we are going to provincials and it was fun to do the challenge.



I think that I have shown growth as a learner in my Star Wars Blue Sky project.  The question was “Is it possible to live on an asteroid?  I went to the SFU aerospace physiology lab where Dr Blaber studies the effects of low gravity on people.  I also did research on the internet and found out why people would want to live on an asteroid (who knew that there is so much money to be made up there in mining) and the challenges of trying to live in space.  I found out about asteroid living requirements and how to create artificial gravity.  I learned that NASA has already visited an asteroid called EROS. I designed and built a space station for an asteroid that had artificial gravity created by spinning sections. So I ended up thinking that it is possible to live on an asteroid in the future but not yet because it is expensive and we don’t know all the impacts on people. I see Scott Kelly just returned from a year in space so NASA can study the impacts of space on him and compare him to his identical twin brother.



I think that I showed a growth mindset when I did the Julius Caesar play in PLP.  At first I really did not want to do it at all because I am uncomfortable acting/performing. But as I went through the project it got better because I made it fun and I learned even more about Julius Caesar. When it came time to perform it was okay because we were ready.  We had a good script and everyone knew what to do.  Our team worked well together. We practiced all the lines and it was fun to do a different version of Julius Caesar. We were gangsters and that was cool to mix gangsters with Julius Caesar.  I don’t know if I’ll win an academy award but it was a fun chance to perform and learn at the same time.


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