Kindergarten Information Evening

I was delighted to provide words of welcome to the nearly 450 parents in attendance at our Kindergarten Information Meeting, Wednesday evening, October 19 at the Lucas Centre.  In addition to a number of brief presentations, parents were able to visit ‘booths’ arranged around the perimeter of the meeting space.  Many of our staff were present to meet and greet parents, respond to questions, and provide information and advice regarding the various options available to parents and the specifics related to registration and placement.   

 In discussion with my colleagues, we were all impressed with the enthusiasm and interest demonstrated by parents.  The Kindergarten Information Meeting always creates a very positive “buzz” in the room, both for parents and for School District employees. 

 It was a pleasure for me to provide an overview of the key goals contained within our 10-Year Strategic Plan for 2011-2021 and describe the commitments that our School District makes to our students and families. 

Along with the other members of the School District staff, we were all very pleased to welcome parents of the Graduating Class of 2025!