Digital Media Academy visit to EA Sports

Our very successful Digital Media Academy at Argyle School featured a day for our students at Electronic Arts Sports (EA Sports) at their Burnaby Campus on January 23.  Through the leadership of teacher, Murray Bulger, and as a result of our partnership with EA Sports, our students were hosted for a day in the Motion Capture Lab.  Garth Phillips reports on behalf of the class. 

The Argyle Digital Media trip to EA Sports inBurnabywas one of the greatest experiences of all my school years.  To start with, it’s an offer you don’t often get; EA Sports inviting in a group of high school students to use their motion capture facility for a day. 

It was a greatly generous move on their part.  The staff were helpful and informative while they showed us how to use the equipment, and provided assistance whenever we needed it.  Even though we ran into some technical difficulties with the suit, solving the problem was a fun experience in and of itself. 

The day was a success in all senses of the word, being that we got all the shots done that we needed and even had time for some extras, and we became quite familiar with the system.  Even the food was great!  This experience provided for us yet another taste of what the industry is actually like.  It was a great day, and I look forward to getting the motion capture data we created for us in our video games and animations! 

Digital Media Academy at the MoCap Lab in EA Sports

courtesy of Garth Phillips, DMA class member.