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End-Of-Year Exhibition: Blue Sky

Exhibitions are a great way to show your learning in visually appealing way. Considering the vast amounts of projects that we make in the PLP program, we take these few exhibitions as a chance to really show off our growth… Continue Reading →

Astronomy Project

Astronomy is the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. This is an interesting unit because there is so much that we can learn from space and that is really exciting…. Continue Reading →

Lord Of The Flies

The last unit in my Humanities 10 class was a social experiment. Confused? Don’t worry, when we were told that everything we were going to be doing in our class for the next month would be an experiment, we were… Continue Reading →


What is a tPOL? As a new PLP student, I had to learn what a tPOL is myself. I assumed that it would be similar to an mPOL, but of course there would be differences. (To read my last mPOL,… Continue Reading →

Job Shadow Assignment

It’s hard to know what occupation you want to have by the time you are sixteen. A lot of people barely know what field of work they are interested in. I, for example, don’t know what occupation I want but… Continue Reading →

Cell Phone Plan Proposal

How can we use systems of equations to make better choices?   For my math project, I worked with Izzy to compare three cell phone plans that best suit our life styles. We started our project by deciding how much… Continue Reading →

#BC Tech Summit

“The BC Tech Summit? What is that?”   My class had no idea what to expect when we were given the permission slips for our class trip to the BC Tech Summit on Youth Innovation Day. As my teacher explained that… Continue Reading →

World War II

One of my favourite things about my Socials classes is learning about wars. Some of the most interesting parts of wars, is knowing who was fighting who, and why. One example of this is World War II, which was fought… Continue Reading →

Renewable Energy Project

How can we capture renewable energy from nature?   In my science and math classes, we have combined our work with energy with our lessons with graphs to make a very cool project. Our project was designed to show us… Continue Reading →

Code Name Verity Book Review

In my humanities class, we have been learning about different aspects of World War II. Along with the major battles and turning points (Blitzkrieg, Operation Barbarossa, Pearl Harbour…), we learned about the countries that were involved and their contributions to… Continue Reading →

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