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Russian Revaluation
So we finished our metaphor mashine unit. You might be thinking “What is a metaphor mashine?”. A metaphor mashine is a Rube Goldberg a shine that has an event of action of meaning represented by the section of the Rube Goldberg mashine. So our metaph (More)
Nation Puzzle
We recently wrapped up our latest socials project on confederation and Canadian heritage and I have left it feeling pretty confident. We too (More)
  Wow, it’s already 2018! It seems like only yesterday I was in grade 8 (I still think I am sometimes). Since I walked back through (More)
I Am Your Host Julie Chen. Welcome To The Big Brother House.
Before I start this post I want to mention that my geography class takes place in the same room as my English class, and today we were sitting in geography when my friend pointed to these projects taped to the wall and said they creeped her out. When (More)
Steam Punk Inqury Question?
How does the style of steam punk effect the function of the machine? That is the question I’m going to answer for you today. In this pos (More)
Frankenstein Frankenstuffy*
So recently I finished one of the biggest projects in PLP other than D.I. This project was called Frankenstuffy. It was about how animals a (More)
What's the difference between satire and parody? Well, what's the difference between Family Guy's first and fifteenth season? Or Shrek and More)
TPOL 2017
Welcome back to the last blog post to ever be put on this page. That's sad to think about, isn't it... As always, in PLP we're ending off the year with our tPols. If you're confused about what a tPol is, it's really just another SLC but they chang (More)
Canada Is...
For the past while in PLP 9, we have been studying the great moments in history (but mostly the Canadian parts...) This unit has covered all the main events in the history of our country. These events include More)
The Second Installment of the SCLs/tPOLs
  The school year is coming to a close, so most people are happy for the summer break to be here and have some more free time to do personal activities. Thi (More)
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