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What's the difference between satire and parody? Well, what's the difference between Family Guy's first and fifteenth season? Or Shrek and More)
TPOL 2017
Welcome back to the last blog post to ever be put on this page. That's sad to think about, isn't it... As always, in PLP we're ending off the year with our tPols. If you're confused about what a tPol is, it's really just another SLC but they chang (More)
Canada Is...
For the past while in PLP 9, we have been studying the great moments in history (but mostly the Canadian parts...) This unit has covered all the main events in the history of our country. These events include More)
The Second Installment of the SCLs/tPOLs
  The school year is coming to a close, so most people are happy for the summer break to be here and have some more free time to do personal activities. Thi (More)
MISSION : Imagination
It seems like a lifetime ago the PLP 9 class was gliding down the roads of Florida, eating crispy churros and pretending to be astronauts at NASA. Almost four months later, and (More)
Ads Ads Ads Everywhere
A few weeks ago we made three advertisements one a Turist ad one a business ad and finally a advacosy ad. We had to do 3 drafts for the 3 ads in 3 weeks. (3 3 3 iluminati confirmed) The first ad I made was a tourist ad it had to be about a place t (More)
I Saw A Radioactive Bear?!
It's been a long few months of our Frankenstuffie Project, but at last, here we are, with our final products. So, what is a 'Frankenstuffie' exactly? A frankenstuffie is a stuffed animal that has adapted to any troubles it may face in it's daily lif (More)
What does it mean to be "Gifted"? To have such raw talent that others watching would stare speechless, in awe of your brilliance. This is what we're studying in health & career and it's very thought-provoking. We read the piece of writing above a (More)
Morris the Moose Goes to School
Hello, welcome to my blog! Today I'll be sharing with you a long lost tale about a Frankenstuffie. This little guy was a creation part of the "Who's in Control: People or the Environment?" unit we've done in PLP. We've worked on this unit for a huge (More)
Setting My Table
Before Spring Break we were assigned to really think about what makes a leader. To display our learning and understanding of the definition of 'leader' we were given a small project, called "Who's At My Table".  The mini assignment consisted of (More)
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