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Setting My Table
Before Spring Break we were assigned to really think about what makes a leader. To display our learning and understanding of the definition of 'leader' we were given a small project, called "Who's At My Table".  The mini assignment consisted of (More)
SLC 2017
SLC’s are basically a PLP student’s way to discuss their learning and progress with their parents and teachers – think parent teacher conference, but instead of a light discussion between adults, us students get to present to everyone. Fun. Fo (More)
New Year New Me
Welcome to my very first blog post of 2017! I sometimes look back at my older posts and just cringe. A lot. I think that says quite a bit about how I learned about h (More)
The Wonders of FLIGHT
A couple classes ago, we were introduced to our Fantasy/Wonder unit. As a start off point, Mr. Featherstone had us brainstorm what wonder is, and here's what our class came up with.  More)
Term One Recap - Humanities and Maker Time
  Hey there! So, it's finally Winter break, which means our first term of this school year has came to a close. I decided to create a recap of my term one, along with what work I think I could've done better and what I'm proud of academically (More)
A Magic Quilt
The only thing better than quilting is quilting in a group. Yes, you read that right... Now just decide if I'm being sarcastic or not. I never knew the long process of creating a quilt, until now. First, we had to make a civilization, then we got (More)
Game on! C'est parti!
Thanks so much to our PAC for providing funds to purchase games for the library.  We’re ready to play in French and English!  Look for a new Chess/Games Club to sta (More)