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Macbeth Character Analysis
Recently we have finished Macbeth. We were given the assignment to write an essay about Macbeth as a character of how he changes throughout the play. This was a pretty interesting essay I found. It was something that you could easily make extremely l (More)
Crime Ranking. Macbeth
We have now started doing Macbeth in FLIGHT for English. It is kinda interesting, though I\'m pretty lucky because my sister did Macbeth two times already so when I need help she can help me. But in Macbeth there are some things pretty terrible thing (More)
Blue Sky Project.
This is my Blue Sky Project. It is really known as our term project but with a bluer name. It was a pretty fun project. We got to do it on what ever we wanted to do it on and could make anything as long as it was a focused question about something th (More)
Lord of the Flies Modern Day.
We have just recently finished the book Lord of the Flies. It was a pretty different book. But was kind good. But one of the assignments was to write what our take would be on it for the modern day society. This is mine. In my modern version of L (More)
Halifax Explosion News Report Project.
Hi there. I know that this is a little late of a post for this project but thats okay because it is a pretty awesome project. This is a project that we all did in groups of about 5 or 6 people. We were to create a news report of the Halifax Explosi (More)
English essay outline
Paragraph one Hook: Times have changed, people have changed. Thesis: Religion, Politics, and socioeconomics have all changed but only slightly due to technology and evolution. Paragraph Two Transition: starting Topic Sentence: Religion has mor (More)
1700\'s and now
Times haven\'t changed, people haven\'t changed. We\'ve only changed ever so slightly due to evolution and technology. The three major things that have changed life are socioeconomics, politics, and religion. These are to do with evolution as they al (More)
What makes a good leader?
What makes a good leader? In my opinion, a good leader is mainly based off life experiance and the ability to stay calm in stressful situations. A good leader can look at a situation from multiple perspectives and make decisions with logic (More)
Lord Of The Flies. What does it take to be a Good leader?
Hi there. It has been along time since I last made a post to my blog because school was out for the summer and all that fun stuff. This is a kind of essay that we had to do in class about what we think it takes to be a good leader in the book Lord of (More)
Reflect on project
We were given the the opportunity to make a coupon card for one of our teachers at the school, Mr. Grant. He came to us with an idea and a question. Make a coupon card to get kids more involved in school and how can we make this fresh and exciting fr (More)
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