Okay, Rewind


Our most recent project for Maker had us filming a live event using a 5 tool criteria.

It was a bit of a challenge because everything that happened couldn’t be planned. There was no promise that the day was going to go the way you wanted it to for the video.


Saying that “we couldn’t plan” is actually not right. We could. And we did. We knew what we had to include, what we needed in advance and how we were going to get what we needed. For the most part, planning shots before hand would be fairly difficult but knowing what parts of the event we wanted to film wasn’t a bad idea. 


The criteria for this video was pretty simple, create a video about a event you participated in and include the following six things: 


My video shows a potluck dinner my family hosted that was (very fortunately for me) on the weekend after the assignment was given to us. 

The video includes a time lapse I had going through the evening, pictures of all the (very tasty) food, and interviews with my dad (Geoff) and a family friend (Andrea). 


There’s not a huge amount I would’ve changed about this project because I’m quite happy with the outcome. One thing though would be getting more footage. When I was filming this and getting the footage I wish I had gathered just a bit more to make sure I had a heap. The amount I had was sufficient though.


This was my first draft. After the video was made, we watched it in class and I got some feedback at change which I used to make my second draft the video I’m proud of now.

^That was the three things I changed from my first to second drafts.

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