Commenting and Communication

“Be kind, helpful and specific”

In PLP we have three main critique rules.

1.) Be Kind

2.) Be Helpful

3.) Be specific

These three rules help us know what we need to tell our classmates when it comes to critique on work and projects.

For week two of our Student Bloging Challenge, the topic was comments.

We had to do at least one (1) of the following activities and hand it in for the worlds other student bloggers to check out!

I did two of these activities.

Number One, the Commenting Guidlines. I created a page on my blog (this blog) that explained the guidlines I wanted to be used on my posts. This was created not just to be used on my blog, but also the blogs of others.

Number Two, to comment on other bloggers blogs.

I picked three users out of a LONG list of blog users to comment on their “Commenting Guidlines” pages.


This comment was given to someone names Seamus who lives in America. His commenting guidelines were all about being kind and supportive and I think that is really important when talking to people around the world and to people in general.



This comment was given to a group of year 5’s who I believe are from England. This comment was given on their “Avatar” post from our Week One Challenge. This class used a website of some sort to create animated versions of themselves for their avatar challenge, and they looked pretty cool!



This comment was left on a Commenting Guidelines post created by a second grade class. They collected some really good ideas of how to comment, and I decided to ask them how they chose these guidelines and why.


The idea behind commenting on a blog is usually for feedback or communication. Remember that if you’re commenting on a blog to be kind and friendly, but don’t give away personal information.


Thanks for reading!


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