The Spring Exhibition 2022

In PLP at the end of every year, all the students create a large presentation of all our learning throughout the year. The theme for my section was about PLP and how we use tech for learning. So, without further ado, here is the post.

At the start of this project, we were put into groups. My groups had Faith, Cale, Ines, Patrick, Max L, Noah, Erik and Ben T. First, we started brainstorming ideas for what our room could look like.

Here is our first plan:

First plan

Then, we finalized our plan for the room.


Then, we took some photos then annotated them to envision our stations.

Then, we got to work on the room. We started creating signs for the stations, decorations, presentations, and more. Then, on the day of the exhibition, we cleared everything out of the room, set up our decorations, and then opened the exhibition to the public.

All the presentations went well, and I actually enjoyed it more than I expected, and then the cleanup was actually pretty quick.

Anyways, that concludes this post, thanks for reading. Bye.

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