My User Manual


User Guide: Theryn

Brand: Student and Learner

Model: Theryn  Strobl, iOS 1.3 


Hi, I’m your new student, Theryn Strobl 1.3, commonly referred to as “Theryn” or “T-Do”. Your new student comes with functions including, but not limited to:

-trying to make jokes with occasional success

-acquiring knowledge

-being a friend

-randomly saying slightly relevant trivia


Before you use Theryn for the first time, make sure you are at your nicest, because his interaction program is still out of tune from quarantine. Once you become fluent with Theryn, though, you can be more relaxed around him.


Theryn is usually available through direct communication from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and is intermittently available through iMessage, email, or hangouts at theryns@seycove,ca, or through his personal email which he gives to frequent users. In school, he can be contacted in person on lunch, break, or on the way home, though he may not have much time. Theryn, unlike most people, does not have much social media impact.


Theryn has 4 primary settings: normal human, do not disturb, avid listener and bookie

Setting 1: normal human

In normal human mode, or normal mode, is the most common mode Theryn has. Usually when you see him, he will be in this mode. In normal mode, you will encounter him doing activities such as: mountain biking, snowboarding, or hanging out with friends. He is quite humorous and friendly in this mode, and tries to be nice to people and make friends.

Setting 2: do not disturb

In this mode, communication with Theryn becomes extremely challenging, and he will most likely start to execute tasks incorrectly or ignore his surroundings. This mode usually will activate if he has not had food or sleep for a while. He will also appear dull and non-energetic, but it’ll wear off soon

Setting 3: avid listener

In this mode, Theryn tries to absorb as much information as possible. This mode is common when Theryn is in school or listening to someone nerd out about a subject. If he is disturbed to much, he will automatically switch to setting 1 or 2 immediately.

Setting 4: bookie

In this mode Theryn will either be reading a book or talking about one. If he is reading, try not to disturb him, as he doesn’t like to stop reading very often. Unfortunately this is usually necessary for one reason or another. In this mode he doesn’t show many signals of being alive, so watch for blinks and page flips to assure he Is alive. If he is talking about a book he is not so focused and will be ready to move to any of his other modes


This device may:

-do chores halfway and forget the rest

-get so sucked into a book that the only way to tell if it is alive is to see it flip a page

-go of on long tangents to prove a point

-forget that humans need food

Tips to maintain optimal performance

Regularly remind to eat or drink, as this device often forgets.

Make sure not to switch him to setting 3 to fast or device will temporarily decrease processing speed by about 50%.

Must not exceed a 75% duty cycle 



Problem Solution
Device stuck in Do Not Disturb mode Repeat name until in modes 1 or 2
Device isn’t taking input Remind of the task at hand
Device stuck in bookie mode Block his field of view until he snaps out of it


Enjoy your new student!